An Outstanding 8-week Course on Personal and Spiritual Development with Michele Elizabeth

I love this review and am so moved by the development and transformational journey that Vicky has started. I love my world and what I get to do, it is the best feeling in the world.

The next Online development course will start in a couple of weeks so please check out for more info or give me a shout xxxx

The Page Turner

I consider myself a phase one graduate today. I have completed the most ambitious and self-valuing experience of my life.  What did I learn?  I am going to try to share just a portion of the gifts I gained over the 8 weeks. The great part, I get to continue training and growing.

First, let me introduce you to Michele Elizabeth Life Coach and Mystic.

Michele Elizabeth

Having worked for herself and run many successful businesses since the age of 20, Michele also put herself through University and earned a BSc (Hons) in Psychology with The OU.


Growing up Michele always thought that she would be a Journalist until life changed her path and she began questioning her own thoughts and emotions and so began her journey of self- discovery.


Michele was born able to sense the energy of others, causing a great deal of confusion growing up but she…

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