June 26th 2017 Energy Forecast



Good Morning I hope that you are well and had a constructive weekend. There is so much going on at the moment sometimes it can make your head spin, so ensure that you take time to rest and to ground.


We are going to have some moment of reflection this week as I see this energy coming in in swirls, so they will come out of the blue, memories and recollections will spring forth in your mind. They may be tinged with nostalgia but look at them as they are coming to us now to join the dots, to become aware of patterns we keep repeating and to release.


We are all only trapped in a prison of our own making, we have more power than to just redesign our prison cell, we can tear down the walls, this week will bring clarity on so many of your blocks but you have to be willing to see them.


Courage faith and hope are coming in by the bucket load and we also have some soothing healing energy. So much change can leave us sensitive and irritated, so just take some time out. Just know that nothing will overwhelm us, we are resilient and strong, stronger than we could ever imagine yet not what we are led to believe.  We so often don’t understand our own strength until we are tested but things are changing so let’s recognise this in us before we need to be tested.


We are half way through the year of us, so take some time to reflect on whether things have changed for you or not. Look at all aspects, your physical self and your environment, your emotional and mental bodies and your spiritual connection and knowing, how much has changed, how much have you grown? We are hugely supported this year but we have free will so whether we push forward and become seekers or fall back and keep everything the same that is our choice but please make it a conscious one as no matter what it will change your path.


Next year will be a very different year to this one, so ensure that you take full advantage of these energies and be in the best place possible to push forward in 2018.


We have had life time after lifetime to learn and transcend the conditions of duality and we have gotten used to this but this lifetime is different, this one has the conditions for ascension into unity but we all have free will so that is a choice, what are you going to choose?


Spirits are also very close and this is going to continue for some time can you feel and hear them?


I can see a beautiful emerald green energy, like a shiny ribbon, I am not sure what it is but it seems to be dancing, I feel loyalty and faith but that is not it exactly, maybe it will make itself clear over the next few days.


This is going to be a good week, with healing, inspiration, reflection, release and the opportunities to move forward keep this in mind when you have the opportunity to choose a different way, to break out of your prison cell rather than re-decorate. Your free will and conscious awareness will dictate what you do with these opportunities? How you are likely to respond can be seen in your actions so far this year, so take a look at that.


Next week we have some rather intense action energy coming in and everything is going to speed up for a bit, this is a strong red energy and comes in like a tornado. It is needed to kick start action, everyone has been conditioned into becoming pretty passive, thought and emotion rarely followed by action which actually achieves very little.


Enjoy your day and your week, I would love to hear your experiences and if you have any questions please ask them,  we are all in this together.


Talking of which I have been working hard creating some awesome courses for you, that will help you push forward on your paths with clarity and the tools you need to help you on your way.

So far I have created  Learn to Read Tarot, Complete Meditation with 16 Meditations, Personal & Spiritual Development, next course starting in a couple of weeks. I am in the process of creating Conscious Living online Course. In a nutshell each course is designed to teach you the tools you need, to broaden your awareness and develop your innate connection to spirit that will guide you down the path of enlightenment, into Unity. I am so proud and excited by each of them as I know they are transformational. I would be so happy if you could share my courses when I post them.


You really can create the life of your dreams and live a blissful life.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxxx


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