Mystery of the missing Tuesday, I disappeared again!



Hey I love my life it is weird and exciting! Here is a little snippet of my life. A week or so ago and was saying goodbye to a friend at my door when my neighbour came out. She said, are you ok we have been so worried about you, what happened Tuesday?


I looked at my friend and said Tuesday, nothing I don’t think, I couldn’t recall what I did the previous Tuesday but that isn’t unusual for me. Why I asked.


Well my neighbour replied Monday night we heard a loud bang coming from your bedroom and then Tuesday nothing. There was no sign of you, we didn’t hear a single thing coming from your house and we normally hear your music or singing or some movement. You didn’t go out with the dogs, nothing. We even came round as we were so concerned and knocked but only one dog barked.


This was odd, so I checked my phone, no calls or messages in or out. My friend said well I did send you a message on Tuesday but you didn’t read it until Wednesday. I checked facebook, no energy report for that day either.


So on that Tuesday there was no sign of me, no online footprint, nothing, I have no memory of the Tuesday.


I have since then had massive upgrades, gotta love it.


Mystery of the missing Tuesday xxxxx


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