June 23rd 2017 Energy Forecast & June’s Super New Moon


inner world

Good Morning I hope you slept well, so what do you have an urge to do? What is new and exciting for you? What have you changed your mind about recently or discovered as a passion? What changes have you been making, these may just be an attitude shift or something bigger like leaving your job?


Whatever you have been changing or been thinking about then the energy around is going to help you with this, to spur you on and help lay the foundations. Clarity of mind and directness of speech will be your friends but beware emotions are going to be running high with tomorrows super moon and you may find yourself or other people reacting emotionally.


Don’t let this knock you off course, stay grounded and breathe, change can be tough and the natural reaction is to keep things as they are but this change is good and you have waited a long time for this.


2017 was always the year of you and now that we are half way through the year, reflect on how much you have achieved or how things are different, or not. Notice the direction your life is taking.


I feel a feminine nurturing energy also , this brings a gentle edge to the dynamic energy we have around, the edges are softened and transformation may be subtle but it will be deep.


Spend some time today thinking about what it is you are creating, for yourself and the world, what is your impact on the world? We are all being called to live our lives with more meaning and purpose, to be adding positively to the world, how do you do that? It is great to list your impact on the world, how do you contribute?


So as we are in the energy of super new moon, it’s time to look at what you are creating, where you are heading, what you want. Reflect on the last month and see how many changes you have made. Our last super new moon kick started a passion in us all, pushing us to attain our dreams and realign ourselves and the energies over the last month have supported us in doing this and so they continue. This really is your time, so step up and grab it with both hands.


Have a wonderful day and a fabulous weekend, there are so many opportunities around, just remember when you are creating your new life to have value and integrity, what value are you bringing to the world and are you creating with integrity. You want your dreams to last so build them well.


Love and laughter Michele xxxx


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