22nd  June 2017 Energy Forecast



Good Morning I hope you are well and did lots of releasing and manifesting yesterday. So today is all about communication which is great as I am teaching. The space that so many have cleared over the last week or so is allowing your own truths and realisations to come to the surface to be heard. The energy will help you hit your mark, calmly and with clarity. If you find that someone has something to say to you then listen. Really listen give them the space to get out what they need to say and then take some time to really digest what it is that they say, it is important.


Truth as always is coming in by the bucket loads and it is really important on so many levels that you break away from “playing the game” and stand In your truth, your intentions are as important for your own mental health and growth as your actions.


Talking of which you are going to feel pushed into taking action this weekend, the energy will be high and excitable and you will feel compelled to take action to push your life forward.


Those stirrings within, that feeling of things not quite being enough or that there is more you need to know, that is your soul calling, to consciously walk your path that is the road to enlightenment and ascension, the only true path and you are being called to walk it consciously otherwise no matter what you are doing you are walking around in circles.


Many amazing and kind souls do just this, they give out great love and comfort, help and healing, ignoring their own inner song. If they took some time to just hear it, their path would open up in unimaginable ways and the help they gave others would increase a hundred fold.


Think about this, what is stopping you, why are you unable to turn your gaze inward? Why won’t you reflect on your own behaviour and impact on the world? Why does integrity scare you, or the possibility that you are not in integrity?


The world is definitely splitting in so many ways, the divides are become chasms, the rich richer and the poor poorer, the angry are becoming more angry and the laid back more so and on it goes. Those who have decided to consciously walk their path, take responsibility and action are being supported and super boosted with courage and clarity.


Those who have excuses and justifications will find that their life becomes more difficult and more dramatic. We are all heading in the same direction, how you choose to get there and what you do is your choice.


I have experienced some amazing shifts and integrations over the last week or so, when all the information and new perspectives I have gained over the last year and over all my lifetimes have slotted into place. I love these eureka moments and they always come, they always do when you are ready and not before. You have to trust the process. It is real and it happens to me, I am not special, it is my commitment to living and being what I learn, to be a seeker that makes all the difference, so what is stopping you? Why don’t you want it enough?


I feel as though I am completing my cycle, so much about the universe, us and our place in it, the path we are taking, why and how has all come into clarity for me, everything has changed for me and I know exactly what I need to do, which is why all the courses are coming together now, for you!


So for the next few days use this energy to reflect on your thoughts and behaviour, what is your moral code made up of, what is non negotiable for you?


What makes your heart sing and your face beam?


Please don’t go through these things alone, don’t stand in confusion, I will understand, many people are worried about approaching me, thinking their question is silly or my time is too precious and are always surprised by how I get it. The most common statement to me is “ it’s like you got into my head and pulled everything out made sense of it and then said it back to me” So ask away as I promise that you are not the only one that wants answers. If you don’t feel confident then PM me, I will share it on the wall for all but I will keep your name out of it.


Earlier this year or maybe it was last year, time eludes me, I was given the choice to stay or go. I chose to stay and teach, so that is what I am doing. The programmes are clear and simple yet transformational and everything you need to walk your path to enlightenment.

The majority of the work I do is free but not really valued but you all have an amazing resource in me, use it!


So get empowered by your own truth this week and into the weekend. Look at your own commitment to yourself and also the excuses you tell.


It’s time to stop going round in circles , this is a beautiful path that will blow your mind but it won’t happen to you, you have to consciously walk it.


Lots of love and laughter MIchele xxxxx


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