What is the meaning of life I was asked

conscious awareness

What is the meaning of life I was asked

To expand your conscious awareness I replied

Is that it, there must be more?

Expand you conscious awareness and then you will never ask is that it.


Imagine that you were very small and everything happened in your world at ground level, you could never raise yourself above 6 ft, that was your view of the world. You understood that your town was connected by roads and rivers, as you walked them every day, you had a map in your head. You understood that your town was connected to other towns and villages by roads and rivers and those in turn were connected to other towns and cities.


You had an idea of what that may look like, stretching out till the end of the world but your view point was always at eye level or flat and 2 dimensional like a map.


Then one day you came across a random tower, the likes of which you had never seen before, not quite sure what to do you begin to climb.


With each step you begin to see your world in a completely different way. You begin to see how the roads are connected, the patterns the houses make and the worn footpaths snaking through the village. You notice the colours of the roofs and which ones need re pitching. You see how big the wood is yet the forest is smaller than you thought.


From this higher viewpoint you are able to see a quicker route to market and better use of the land, you can see why the main road keeps collapsing and an alternative route.


As you continue to climb the people get smaller and they look like they are dancing, separate yet seemingly connected, flowing and ebbing.


Life from this viewpoint seems very different, you see things you previously could not see, you understand at a deeper and also more general level and see simple solutions to problems that appeared complex at ground level.


You see how connected everything is and you feel this connection yet at the same time feel detached from it, more objective. Everything looks a little strange but also familiar and you are left in awe and wonder.

That is the meaning of life, now it doesn’t stop there, you can go higher and higher, each time revealing something new and mind-blowing that changes your viewpoint once again but I can’t tell you what that is as your mind isn’t ready for that. The mind and consciousness has to slowly expand, the next step both shattering and building upon the previous one.


This tower is free for everyone to climb and the choice is yours!


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


#expandyourconsciousawareness  #thereismoretolife #openyoureyes #personaldevelopment


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