Learn to Read Tarot with Michele Elizabeth Mystic


2 hour 15 minute video tutorial

2 podcasts of visualisations for connecting with your cards and universal energy

4 Worksheets

Learn to Read Tarot with Michele Elizabeth Mystic ebook

In the tutorial I will teach you:


  • To connect & bond with your cards – The more you love your cards the deeper the messages you will get.
  • To connect into source energy and then the energy of the person or situation you are reading. You will learn the difference between reading someone’s desires and reading the source energy that can see the future possibilities
  • To recognise the patterns and flow of the card spread and what that means.
  • Several card layouts and when you would use them to gain deeper understanding and clarity.
  • How to read the cards and how their meanings can change depending upon the position they fall.
  • How to develop your connection further.
  • How your own filter can change the messages you receive.
  • Understanding how spirits can bring their own messages as you read.
  • The Ethics of Tarot Reading and your responsibilities.


The podcasts are short visualisations that guide you through the connection process


I have designed the worksheets to get you thinking about Tarot as a skill to develop, rather than just for entertainment.


I have also written a Tarot guide for you. It started off with just the card definitions and turned into a 73 page book. With the following sections

Card Meanings

Card Spreads

How to read your cards


Ethics and Responsibilities


To keep it accessible to all I am offering this at £45.00

I have loved creating this course and sharing what I have learned, tarot is a great resource in my life and I hope it will be in yours too.


I have a few more tweaks to do and then it will be launched officially but I am so excited about it I wanted to share it with you now.


Love and laughter Michele xxxx


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