June 18th 2017 Energy Forecast


look within

Good morning and I hope you are well, the energy today will be light and optimistic, there has been a lift overnight and it is time to take action. Not in a forceful or rushed way, this is more about integrity, following through thought and belief into action, being consistent.


Whatever revelations you have had over the weekend it is time to follow that path, explore it further, do something. Can you feel the urge to change something or make your mark, to contribute and create?.


It might be outside of your comfort zone and it may feel a little scary after all we all taught not to rock the boat but it really is time for us all to step up. To look at who we are, what we want, what we want to do and then go and do it. Or at least make those first steps.


Look at your dreams, they are not just for sleep time, make them happen and if you say oh I can’t then ask why on earth not.


The energy feels persistent and will be with us till the end of the year at least, just tap tap tapping away, letting you know it’s here, reminding you that there is so much more that you want to do.. There really is nothing stopping you, belief me I am looking at the energetic structure of this world and I can tell you that it is possible. Everything has changed, you have changed and continue to do so. The rules have changed, the only thing that is keeping everything the same is you! The energy that have had coming in over the last few days and will continue to pop up is here to make us all see this, you want more, I know you do!


Yet what is it that you want? If you didn’t have the tv or the internet, telling you what is desirable, what would you want? Are your dreams based purely in material satisfaction and attainment? If they are make them a little deeper and more rounded. How do you want to feel in you dream life? What do you want to achieve or contribute in life? How do you want to affect others? Who are you raising up just by being you?


I also feel the energy of school and keep getting the phrase compare and contrast, it really is time to become more engage in your life, to look at what is going on around you objectively rather than only focusing on information that backs up your current mindset.


Look at the people around you, those you spend most of your time with are those that are most similar to you, so if you are not sure what is important to you or what your mind set is then look at the people you choose to have in your life the most. This may surprise you but don’t reject it off hand, you are starting to build a picture of exactly what is going on in your life rather than what you are projecting, so take it peak, it’s not always great but it is liberating.


Throughout my life I would find myself in different jobs, businesses, locations and sometime relationships and wake up 6 months later and think oh my, how did I get here. We’ve all done it where we have been on auto-pilot or just doing things because it was easy and it’s as if we suddenly come round, back into conscious awareness and think oh no this wasn’t part of the plan. This is the shake -up we are all going though.


I see once again courage and fortitude but also fear and fragility, firstly we are always stronger than we think we are and our fears although they threaten to overwhelm us rarely do. Personally I would rather feel intensely uncomfortable and even shameful for 24 hours than have a lifetime of mediocrity and sleepwalking. The only fear we have is facing our true self and although difficult it unites our two halves and that is empowering and feels like home.


We search our lifetimes for our other half, to feel complete, we project this on some poor unsuspecting man or woman, who in turn unconsciously does the same and then spend the next however many years feeling disappointed and frustrated with that person for not living up to our expectations and meeting our needs of feeling whole. When in reality it is the other half of us we are looking for and it was there all along but most people don’t want to accept that, they would rather live in the drama of love lost, or desperately seeking susan, or sitting on the floor crying why won’t anyone love me?

The solution is simple and it is right there in front of you, accessible and ready and once those sides are reconciled within then you are able to love truly unconditionally, to experience a deep and transformative love because that love is already whole and complete, there are no conditions or prerequisites. It is empowering and inspirational not controlling and disappointing and it is free, yet most people will prefer the drama as it makes them feel alive, will prefer the rows and the jealousy as that infers love?


This world has changed, have you? Can you see it and feel it? Do you believe it? Why are you still doing the same old routine, expecting the same results? You may think that you want a different way and that you are working towards that but this is the crux of it, you THINK, and it doesn’t make it passed a thought, it isn’t felt in the heart, it isn’t turned into action, it just swirls around your mind, adding to all the other things you haven’t quite done and slowly erodes any peace of mind you have left because your heart and your soul know!


So although the energy today doesn’t feel as dense as it did yesterday, it is working deep, allow this, observe this, believe this. It is time to allow the changes within you to take place so that you can catch up to the unity paradigm we are moving into to.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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