Don’t restrict who you are!

live it

Labels, divisions, restrictions and categories are everywhere, which soul type are you? What type of spiritual person are you and on and on…

Step away from the ownership and labels, why reduce yourself to such a simplistic label which ultimately means nothing, don’t waste your time.

We are moving away from duality and towards unity, these labels ensure that you are hooking firmly into a duality, is that a choice you are making?

If you want to identify yourself as a spiritual warrior or angel then go ahead but be aware of what you are doing….personally i am mother lover, teacher and student, i am a creator and a demolition expert, i am everything and nothing simultaneously. I am the salt in your tears and the laughter in your heart and i learn and grow every day so always discovering something new.

If you want to put yourself in a little box, go ahead but be aware of the choices you are making!

Love and laughter Michele xxxxx

#makeitconscious #theseareyourchoices #expandyourself


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