June 16th 2017 Energy Forecast

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Good Morning I hope you are all well, so last night brought a quite heavy and dense energy which may have left some of you with a sense of foreboding but this is energy generated amongst the populous. That sinking feeling when you begin to realise the truth or the enormity of an event. So many things are happening around the world that is making people snap their eyes open, to have that sudden realisation that all is not as it seems or they were led to believe.


That heavy feeling is not so much fear but the realisation that if you are not part of the solution then you are most likely part of the problem. This is ok though, these revelations are happening in all arenas of our lives and everything that happens on a global level, a collective level is mirrored at the individual personal level and that is reflected in nature, in the elements. Open your eyes and see, join the dots, make the comparisons as the signs and synchronicities are all around.


This global energy is a good thing and it will spread, don’t run away from it, you may feel a little guilt, stupidity or naivety but that is ok, we all do when we see something that has been staring us in the face for a long time.


I feel the energy of compassion wisdom but also connectivity, we have had a great leap forward and I see hands being held out across the world, regardless of gender race or religion. I have tears as I write this as it feels like home!


You know when you are driving and you have to suddenly stop, you natural reflex is to throw your arm out to protect the person in the passenger seat. We all do it and we don’t know why as an arm is going to stop anything, yet we do it instinctively. If we saw someone in need our instinct in to reach out a hand to help without thought to the clothes they are wearing or the god they may follow or the colour of their skin. Our mind and our conditioning may say differently, when we are pumped full of fear by the media  and sat in our living rooms, fearing the immigrants and the muslims, hating on women, whatever but in that moment, when another human being needs our help we are there in heart beat. This is the tide that is turning, this is what we are recognising, our innate responses are who we are, the thoughts of the mind Is who we have been brainwashed to become.


The dense energy will be around this morning but it will lighten up as the day progresses, feel it for what it is and have gratitude for that. It may be a little uncomfortable but let it speak to you, let it show you where you have been blind, personally and globally, see the parallels.


I feel the energy of hope and also creativity and there is going to be an upsurge in creative outlet. Our artists and musicians are about to step forward with some messages of their own, that will inspire and transform. However you express yourself or receive information there is something for everyone, the important thing is it is time to plug into something new, turn away from the old structures and connect with those around you, heart to heart not mind to mind and ego to ego.


We all know that we are at the most amazing and pivotal time in history but it’s time to really feel it, to let that sink in, you have been through many lifetimes for a reason. That reason goes beyond talking about it. Your brain can never tell you what you need to do only the heart can but it is time to make a difference but the first step in going within, applying this to you, opening up within. Before you can connect and make friends with the diverse range of people in this beautiful world, you first have to connect and make friends with the diverse elements of you, there is no other way, so don’t waste your time.


The energies really are extraordinary and so much hope.


So allow those revelations, the penny to drop and then take it inward and see what you can discover.


I am going to record a meditation for you all either later or more likely over the weekend as I have a busy day coaching, which will help you expand your connectivity and awareness onto a global level. Work has exploded as more and more people are finally saying enough is enough and taking that leap onto the personal and spiritual development path, are you ready? My next Development course starts next month, is this your time? If so send me a message or register on my website www.micheleelizabeth.co.uk/processing-course.


As we move into the weekend there are going to be lots of shifts and expansion and revelations but as always you have free will so you have the choice to look away or distract yourself . You are never too busy and you can always make time, it’s only your mind that tells you otherwise.


Please do get in touch or share on here your own experiences; you have no idea how much that helps others. There are so many people that read my reports that never speak, it’s hard to come out in the open, so for every comment you are not just commenting for you but all those out there that have yet to find their voice.


I am working hard at the moment creating new content for you all, to help in a step by step way navigate all that is going on. Some is free and some is paid but it is time that you invested in yourself and made that commitment to do something every single day because before you know it, those days have turned into months and you find yourself holding the keys to your freedom! So please let me know what you need and let’s all walk together for a while.


Have a wonderful day, Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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