June 12th 2017 Energy Forecast



Good Morning I hope you are well, so this heady energy which is disturbing sleep patterns and making us feel heady is going to stay till the end of the month, you may also notice that you are feeling a little dehydrated so up your water intake.


Great changes are happening and there is nothing you can do but go with it and to be honest you wouldn’t want to do anything else. Although change can often be uncomfortable this is a good thing, so just let it all go. Be aware in each moment of the subtle changes and appreciate them, allow them, explore them. We are all explorers so time to change our attitude and rather than dismissing something that doesn’t quite fit with our view of the world, maybe we will find our view of the world is changing, allow this.


I am being reminded that recently there were incidences if arson on the slopes that lead down to the beach, all the shrubbery was burnt away, they were just black, but so quickly new life began and these slopes were covered in beautiful lime green shoot, strong upright and hopeful, it made me smile (there were other positives too but that’s for another post) Soon there was more green than black and balance felt restored. It was going back to what we knew and loved but in a different way.


Then along game the bulldozers and ripped up two thirds of it, leaving nothing but mud and sand and that is how it has remained, no new growth has sprung up as yet. The third that was left is now thick with new life and you can hardly see the burnt earth.


Now I am assuming that when the arson was first committed a work order was sent to the council to clear the area, as it was seen as an eyesore, or maybe someone thought new life could not grow. So this was put into progress, weeks later the workmen came. They would have seen the lush new growth but they had a work order in their hand, so they ripped it all out. All that new growth, new life gone , ripped out by a giant machine.


The finally third was left, presumably someone stopped them from going any further and asked what on earth are you doing?


This has come into my mind in connection with what is going on for everyone at the moment. The destruction that we may see or experience is not as bad as first appears. When the space is cleared (as in the case of the fire) this creates space for new growth, it may not be what we planned and it may not happen in the way that we expect but we need to recognise this for what it is and appreciate how our path is being laid out, the new beginnings and the new way.


We should be aware of ourselves when we are about to tear down new growth because it doesn’t fit or we are not engaging our brains and just doing what we have always done and that is doing as we are told.


We may not know what is going to happen but we have to give it space to play out, we have to trust that the earth has a master plan and somethings are just way bigger than us. We have to see the positives in apparent destruction and see the beauty and hope in the blackest of places.


Above everything we need to have awe and wonder at the amazing dance life is, it’s not just you or me, it’s us, it’s the oceans, the forests, the birds and the bees. It is the moon and sun, the past and the future, it’s your hopes and dreams and it’s magic.


So put down your rule book and your history book, you don’t need to take notes, compare and contrast, nobody is going to test you later. It’s time just be, to experience it all, to feel it deep within your heart and to the tips of your toes, to be it. There is no separation, no borders, no distinction, we are fabulously and intricately connected to everything and if you just sssshhhhh for a moment you may just feel it and when you do, everything in that second changes !


Welcome to the Unity Paradigm


Love and laughter Michele xxxxxx



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