Why what is happening in Politics in UK and USA is a good thing!

The Political System will Awaken the Masses


We have a political system here and in the US that is not fair and does not serve the people, the whole system needs to be scrapped and we need to build a new system. It is not something that we can change from within, it doesn’t work and we can’t make it work no matter how good intentioned we are.


However only The People can demand and create that change and only when acting together en –masse.


Due to so many factors people are not motivated to do this, to get people to care or be empowered enough to go to the polling stations is tough, to create this social change from a standing point is nigh on impossible.


What we need is a catalyst for change, for people to have their buttons pushed so strongly and repeatedly that they will stand up and say no more. To have our countries run by such seemingly ridiculous and archaic people is starting to do this already! People in the UK and US are looking to their politicians and then shaking their heads in disbelief. “is this really happening? Did they really just say that?”


Both our countries are about to be run by elitist, racist, sexist, climate change deniers  (those bloody Chinese, making stuff up)….now that is going to be a big catalyst of change!


If Jeremy Corbyn had won we would still be operating within a defunct system and would have limped on for some time, Mr Corbyn would have had the life sucked out of him and would have been left a shell of a man.


Remember it is the civil servants that hold all the power, so the figure head cannot necessarily augment that much change despite their best intentions and efforts. This is why the whole system needs to be dismantled and something totally new created in its place.


We can only do that when the masses have their buttons pushed enough to galvanise action and that will only happen when we fear losing all the rights and equalities we have fought centuries for, lost lives for .

So this is a good thing, as it will force us to stand up and stand together. You can see this in the States already.


We mustn’t turn on each other, we must stand together and SAY NO , we have the power!


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