June 10th 2017 Energy Forecast

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Good Morning, I hope you are well and maybe slept a little better, sleep is disturbed but it isn’t without its value. There is much processing & releasing going on at night and this may leave you feeling a little tired or disconnected during the day, so just take it easy on yourself. It is important to learn when to push through and when to rest. Drink lots of water too, there is a lot of restructuring going on so keep hydrated.


So today is the full Moon and the energy this month has been very different, for someone who walks hand in the hand with the cycles of the moon, I thought it was yesterday and it felt like it passed me by. However it wasn’t yesterday and the effects are deep but no in the hyper empowered way the full moon usually is.


For me personally it has been a move into doing some global energy work. We have been creating a band around the earth and pulsing out light for the past couple of days, which come to think of it would also explain a muting in the hyper energies of the moon. I love this work as I get to play among the stars with my brothers and sisters, no words no agenda other than to come together in seamless knowing and do what we do best and what we have dedicated our development to and that is shining our light. I love it and it is also the reason for no energy report yesterday.


So the energy this morning is gentle and quiet yet deep and illuminating, as always the energy of the full moon will help us to see what we need to see and what we are failing to see, either because it is being hidden from us or we don’t want to see. Allow it though this weekend because seeing what you need to see when the energy is gentle is preferable to the alternative. This may be a big thing and cataclysmic or it may be something really simple and what you want to do next, the next step on your journey.


If you read this and think oh great what now then use this energy to step back and look at all of this a different way. Everything that happens tough or (seemingly) rewarding is a blessing, it is a gift not a responsibility because each moment is an opportunity for growth and that is the aim of the game. Don’t slump your shoulders, sit up straight shoulders back take a deep breath and say come on let’s do this! This is an extraordinary time in history and you are in the midst of something truly amazing, when we tell our grandchildren and great grandchildren about this time, what will you have to say?


This is a time of action, of doing something , making that commitment to self development and consciously walking your path. The world is full of books, programmes, coaches & teachers all saying the same thing, all showing you how to do it. So why is it still in the minority, if It works why aren’t ore people doing it?


The simple answer is conditioning, we have all been conditioned to repeat not question, to accept rather than create, to be an isolated individual rather than a dynamic multi-faceted innately connected soul. The beauty is once you become aware of this you can begin to dissolve it and I am going to say once again if you think you are then, you are not! We all of the chance to be part of something big, to have a real contribution to make, don’t you want to be part of that?


Are you going to look back and say I stepped up, I looked myself in the mirror and made that commitment to strip myself bare, to face my fears and insecurities head on, to entertain the seemingly impossible. I consciously raised my vibration so that I could bring my energy to the party in a big way, I was part of the change. I changed myself or rather discovered/uncovered myself and changed the world.


Or are you going to say, well I was going to be involved but Barry was doing this at the time so I wasn’t able to get it together , or Sarah got in my way and stopped me from being able to or maybe you will believe it wasn’t your destiny or maybe you believe sending messages of love and light across facebook made all the difference. As important as facebook is, the impact of love and light messages is minimal, they are often so ego lead or created in the mind instead of the heart and they are so common they have lost their meaning and impact.


All of those things are distractions and justifications! It is time to have an impact, it is time to take action, it is time to do something. Something heart led, something with integrity and something with value, everything else is just BS. This may seem harsh but I will not soothe anyone’s ego and nor will I validate the lies you tell yourself, there is no value in that, there is no transformation, there is no growth.


It is time people to start making some conscious choices, to get real and to choose something real.  What are you trying to prove or what are you trying to heal or cover up in yourself that requires the outside world to think you have made it.


Here is a story of a young woman with two children, her whole identity was materialistic and what others thought of her. Despite being on benefit she managed to get herself a BMW on finance, it showed the world she was an independent woman, fierce and sassy. She could just afford the payments but it used most of her maintenance payments. So there was no money for holidays or trips out but that didn’t matter, she was so disconnected from her own soul that she could only be validated through the opinion of others and those in her circle were all about the bling. She was only interested in making facebook memories and her children knew this. When asked when mummy was happiest they replied when she gets her maintenance from daddy and when asked what mummy was rubbish at, they replied playing with us. This questionnaire was published on her facebook wall for all to see as she thought it was funny and true. Now I tell you this story not to judge her but to show how blind we can be to our lives, our intentions and our actions.  She isn’t a bad person but I see this action all the time, is this you? I know your instant reaction will be no way, but just allow that possibility, ask the energy today to show you where you are lying to yourself, where you are not acting from your heart, where you are blind.


Don’t go through life like Donald Trump and his hair, the angle he sees it from, all looks good but we see the bigger picture and well  I am sure you are thinking the same as me!


So allow this beautiful full moon energy to show you what you need to see!


Love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

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