June 8th 2017 Energy Forecast



Good morning I hope you slept well , it’s time to expand the mind and over the next few days we are all going to be given an opportunity to see things from a different perspective, remember this and be open to it, it may just change everything.


The energy feels expansive but also slightly abrasive, viewpoints may be ripped from us like ripping off a plaster and this is not a bad thing. Many of our perspectives, views that we hold about ourselves, our lives and our world are limiting, constricted, negative and even downright destructive. Are they true, No, do we believe them, Yes and do we believe them without thought, yes!


That is what this energy is dealing with, the lack of thought or discrimination behind what we believe. We believe because our parents did, because it’s always been so, just because it is or because everyone else does. We all have huge amounts of faith but in what? Being good, following the rules, obeying, complying and shutting up, that is no way to live.


You know that you are a good person, that you just want to run free, to laugh and live and be happy. You wouldn’t use that freedom to kill, steal or lie. If you are happy you have no concern for what other people are getting up to, live and let live you would cry and trust me everyone is the same.


What the media gets you to believe is another matter, they are heavily invested in spreading fear, hate and division. The ridiculous stories that are circulating the internet are laughable yet so quickly believed and spread, with no though to whether there is any truth, with no moment to stop and think about what has just been read. No these stories are designed to trigger you, to get a base and negative reaction from you that will spread like wildfire. They validate a point of view that is fear based.


Now I know having your point of view validated in a world that seems in chaos is comforting no matter how negative that point of view may be. It makes you feel that at least you have some control or understanding  and that makes you feel safer than the alternative. However there is another viewpoint, there is a bigger picture and one that does not involve the energy draining fear.


This energy is going to dig deep into us and pull out memories where we were the accused or the judged, we do know what it is like and how it is based on nothing real. It is powerless until we give it power.


This energy is going to show us that it is our view points of ourselves and our world that keep us locked into the mundane, nothing else. People would rather deal with fear of the known than the unknown, in case the unknown is worse, “better the devil you know”


Ask yourself, look back on past scenarios is this really true? In your real experience is this true? In your heart is this true?


It’s time to start looking and questioning, why do I do this, why do I believe this, why does this frighten me?


When I am told I can’t do something I always question it, why? Who says? And who is going to enforce it? No this is not the way into anarchy and chaos this is the way to liberation. We are intelligent, knowing beings, do we really need to be told what to do and when for our own and others safety?


Can you see how our decision making process has slowly been eroded in us until we stand in line waiting for our orders. Be carefree and spontaneous, oh no we couldn’t possibly, firstly we have a time table to stick to and secondly well I am not rebel and I certainly don’t want to be labelled one.


This energy is going to open your eyes and widen your perspective. Your negative and limited mind-set is based on trust only, belief and faith in the way, yet most people find it so difficult to have faith and trust in the things I wholeheartedly believe in, a viewpoint that brings me joy, harmony, peace and abundance.


So allow yourself to feel this energy to begin your own enquiry, to start asking those questions of others and yourself. Why do I favour falling back into negativity, fear and drama, than having faith in a new a wonderful possibility?


Just for a few days suspend belief in all that you think you know and entertain the possibility that there could be a different and wider viewpoint.


Ascension, Enlightenment and your Spiritual Journey is all about expanding your conscious awareness and part of that is expanding your viewpoint, seeing the bigger picture, elevating yourself above the fear and the triggers. So I am not saying these things so that we can all live in harmony, this is your only route to the unity paradigm, the choice is yours. Be angry bitter and fearful, stay small and do as you are told or project your anger out there, owning those around you but ask yourself what do you get out of this? What are you achieving and how do you feel any differently to how you did last year or 10 years ago? Is your blood still boiling, your anxiety keeping you awake at night and do you sometimes wonder what is the point and when will the struggle end?


The answer and solution is your viewpoint, if you don’t like what you see then step back and change your viewpoint!


I am not deluded, my head is not in the sand, I don’t BS you, I live the life I say I do. Come and hang out with me for a few days and see, this is real consistent and totally authentic. I am not joyful but poor, I didn’t choose one thing over the other, I have it all.


My viewpoint isn’t just something that helps my emotions or makes me feel all hippyfied, it runs through everything right down to my physical reality. I used to drive an Audi A5, I don’t now but I could if I wanted to but I don’t because I don’t need to, there is no value in it. I have a dog car as I take my dogs everywhere now, which is my joy.


So think about these things, question them, test them and then when this energy shows you your own viewpoint look at that objectively too, look at it as though it is a friend telling you this about their life what would your advice be.


I taught my son to question everything, it is not the easiest route but it is the most liberating and empowering. So kick start your enquiring mind and expand that viewpoint!


Love and laughter Michele xxxxxxxx


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