June 7th 2017 Energy Forecast


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Good Morning I hope you slept well although I am sure many of you are still experiencing unsettled sleep. I am not sure whether I have spoken on here or it was with clients but there is a lot of processing and releasing going on in sleep time and this is a good thing and also points to how much processing most people actually have. If you have a definite processing technique then you get to the main bulk of it within a year, however if you rely on your dreams and the occasional revelation then this will be a life -long process for you, each is fine, different horses for different courses but just make sure you are aware and ok with this choice.


Choices again, our world is made up of a series of choices and each takes us on a slightly different path. Choice is the domain of free will and what makes our path so exciting yet at the same time the most difficult, but how boring would life be if we were just going through the motions to our destiny. We may all be in the classroom but we choose what we learn, what we experience and we create the content . This is where the energy of truth appears to be working its magic, Life isn’t happening to you, you don’t just have a run of bad luck and this most certainly is not your lot in this life, this is what you are choosing and creating in each moment.


The two main energies I feel at the moment is sexual energy but this is also about passion and desire, what is it that floats your boat in life, whatever that is, do more of it, explore it, create it. It really doesn’t matter what it is. The other is truth but it is revelation but also that feeling of being fired up, of pushing forward and making changes. Enough is enough and it’s time for you.


Take some time each day to ground, this energy is strong and like our base or carnal energy, it can trigger our fears about survival and security or trigger our insecurities, be aware of this, see what is happening and explore it further, don’t push it away. The one thing I learned on my journey is to listen to the lessons when they are a whisper, if you ignore them they will build and build to a roar and then you may find yourself totally floored. During my development I was punch drunk for about two years as wave after wave of shit hit me, often literally knocking me to the floor, each of those had been presented time and time again to me in gentler form but time and again I looked the other way or justified it,  until I was left with no choice to deal with it all. Trust me you don’t want to get to that point, although if you do, you’ll never turn away again.


It’s a bit like grieving, some start the grieving process then and there, they take the time off from work and everyone understands. Others suppress it (for so many different reasons) they seem to be dealing well, life goes on as normal then 4 years down the line it hits them, the raw grief and so begins the grieving process, however we are now 4 years down the line, no one really understands, you were just about to get a promotion and now you need time off work, your kids are going through exams etc, this is probably the worst time ever to take time to grieve, so add guilt into the mix.


So think about that would you rather take a look now at your own issues, triggers and dark side now when the lessons are a whisper and you have the space to deal with it, or do you want it dropped in your lap like a hot potato but a potato the size of a juggernaut at the worst possible moment so you have no choice but to deal?


June is going to be a bumpy ride for many, go with it, these are actually gifts and you will be lighter and more connected when you come out the other side.


There is a call to action going out at the moment and you may be hearing or feeling it on some level, this call to action is simple, it is about integrity, honesty responsibility and commitment. If you continue looking the other way, then you have to understand you are making a choice, you are deciding, not the universe or your partner or boss but you. Make peace with that or make a different choice.

Always here if you have any questions

Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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