Money what does it mean to you?

Money, The good the bad and the ugly


So this week on my development course we are looking at our relationship to money, our blocks and mind-set, how to dissolve these and create abundance and I thought I would write a quick post about this.


Money makes the world go round, money is the root of all evil, Money ruins a person, Money & wealth is a sign of success, Thinking money is important is shallow and materialistic, everything will be ok once I have money. Money corrupts.


These are just a few of the perspectives and relationships we have with money and they are totally false.


Money is energy, it is neither good or bad.


Money is here to support and provide for us, starting with our basic human needs of shelter and nourishment. Money is how we exchange goods and services in the world we live in so is vital.


Money won’t buy you happiness but it will make life much easier. For those on low incomes and struggling  in poverty, money worries are the main drain on their energy, Imagine what it would be like if you main occupation each day was creating enough money just to eat and by the same token imagine if you never had to worry about money again, how much energy time and space this would open up for you.


Everyone has the ability to create an abundance of wealth,  even if right now you couldn’t possibly conceive of how. It is why so many believe or hope that they will win the lottery as in their mind that is the only possible route…..this is total rubbish.


Our distorted and unbalanced view and relationship with money is what causes so much hardship, depression, stress and anxiety but it is also the reason that many compromise so much of themselves they become someone else or they sell their soul, realising too late that all they have is money, sacrificing health and family in pursuit of the dollar.


So do you deny yourself so much as you are afraid of lack?

Many  people put up with the most appalling behaviour from their partners as they don’t have faith they can make their own money

Who works 60 hours a week but has no life or friends?

Do you feel trapped in an unhappy life as someone else pays the bills.

Are you delaying life until you’ve made it?

Are you in money fear?


Take a look at your life, what are you compromising, sacrificing, delaying or avoiding due to your money issues? Trust me it is never ever worth it and you can deal with it easily.


I used to have money issues mainly due to feeling I wasn’t worthy, that money would bring out my lazy streak and other such distortions but I have not had to think about money since 2010, when I had to close my business due to becoming allergic to it, my mother was dying at the time so I threw up my hands and said Universe it’s time to provide….and it did and it has ever since and not just enough either, in abundance.

Now I had already done my processing etc with regard to money, this is not just a case of a few positive affirmations, (they don’t work, not consistently but that’s another post) I had to take a leap of faith though and that is what my illness provided me with.


So start thinking about your weird relationship with money, are you hurting your soul to alleviate the money fear?


Love Laughter & Abundance Michele xxxxx


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