June 5th Energy Forecast

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June 5th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you are well, so you may have felt it this morning a drop in the energy and everything feels cool and light again. However this energy over the last week has ignited something in you, shone a spotlight on you inner passions, knowing but also what you are not willing to compromise on. So although it wasn’t always comfortable, you are in a much better position to know yourself now and that is a wonderful thing.


There feels like there is a lot of mental energy around and this is going to continue throughout the week and then next weekend is going to be all about the sexual energy and passion, time to get up close and personal. Until then it feels like business hours, it’s time to take care of business.


What have you been putting off, that needs to be done?  All I keep getting is time to put your ducks in a row, cards on the table. If something isn’t working it is time to let go but it is time to face it. We will all be experiencing great clarity this week, as we are bringing more light into our lives and seeing the unseen. It’s amazing what you can see when you open your eyes, the key will be to act upon it and by mid-week there is going to be some really dynamic energy that help you make physical changes.


As the week goes on the energy becomes more excitable but in a grounded way. It feels a bit like when you leave high school and are about to start Uni, when putting in your application it felt daunting and maybe a little overwhelming, so much change but by the time September rolls around you cannot wait to start your new life, your new adventure.


I love how light this energy feels although after the heaviness of last week this may make you feel a little light headed and dizzy, just ground and connect with nature and you will be fine.


We also have a zippety yellow energy, I am not sure what this is, it feels like a mischief maker but  not, ahhhhhh it’s laughter. Time to loosen up a little and have some fun, yes we need to have a commitment to our journey but it should be fun, yes of course processing has its tough moments but they are moments. One thing most people would remember about me is my loud laugh and how often I laugh, so don’t take yourself so seriously. A friend and I laughed so hard and long the other day just entertaining each other with silly voices that her neighbour commented on it. Now we are fully grown women but in that hour we were ageless, timeless, without agenda or barriers, just totally in the moment, can you imagine how high our vibrations were, laughter will do this.


So take what you have learned about yourself over the last few weeks, enjoy the clarity this week brings and also the next steps forward and then do them. Step out of the BS and drama, it is up to you whether you hook into this or not but it will only lead you down a dead end. It is time to create the changes you truly desire.


Enjoy enjoy enjoy ! Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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