June 4th 2017 Energy Forecast



Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy is certainly thick and heady but it needs to be. This energy needs to settle into us like a fog, it’s time we really began to feel. To understand we are part of this world and not just going through the motions and to feel that deep within.


Yes you are right there is more to life, there is a different way, so allow this energy to work its magic. It feels like it is able to pull out your soul your hold it in front of your eyes, to show you just who you are. We all have a purpose every single one of us and each one is valuable and part of the orchestra that we call life, so what is your purpose?


I feel the  energy of truth but also a very bright sapphire energy that is coming in like a satin ribbon, cutting through the confusion and the bull to help you pull out the thread of purpose.


If you care confused or unsure or go from one thing to another sit with this energy this weekend and allow it to show you your direction. It’s best if you set aside expectation, each purpose is beautiful but sometimes the duality mind doesn’t see this. So many people when they first begin to awaken think they are special (over and above others) that they have knowledge that can save the world or that their purpose is to save us all. Now this is normal for the first stages and necessary for taking the next steps however don’t stay there, keep walking and you will see that it is similar to the 6 year old who does a year at school and thinks they know everything. If you are stuck at this stage, which many people are, then get in touch.


However if you keep learning and walking, all the drama fades into the background and you begin to see how simple life really is. There are a few basic principles for us to live by and how the world works and if we make a commitment to that and all that goes with then we will be shown the secrets of the universe and most importantly our purpose. Now our purpose may be singular however our commitment and responsibility are more widespread as is our contribution.


Many newly awakened people and also those that have walking their path for a while can be confused by all there is out there and how much there seems to do, the task appears herculean but it isn’t it really is very simple. So for example my purpose apart from my main purpose which is ascension and as such my primary focus has been my own development, is to facilitate transformation, to inspire and guide and I do this through teaching.  That is it, I don’t need to campaign for global warming or womens rights for example, that is someone else’s purpose.


However  part of my ethics and my dharma and my place of being in general is that I live with gratitude respect and love for all things. I do what I can to protect my planet, I live consciously and in total connectivity so am part of the wave forward but I don’t need to campaign or split my focus in other areas.


Yes I am a great healer and psychic, yes I do global energy work and help bring in new operating systems but my main focus is teaching, inspiring you to see a different perspective, to start that journey and this weekend the energy has been validating this for me, every moment I have another idea for an article, another teaching module. I am literally a channel so ask me a question and the universe will respond. I do this all so well as I have focused on that, I made my commitment to that, I learned my craft and that is what we all need to do. Find our purpose and then learn it refine it and expand it. To do this we have to commit to our own personal development no matter how tough or boring that may be.


It is then that everything else will fall into place.


So if you are frozen because there seems so much to do so many avenues to go down, so much to fix or save, then take a few steps back, just be and allow this energy today to do it’s magic. Look for the subtle signs, so many people miss this as they are expecting an angel to come down with trumpets blaring declaring your purpose. However it is your heart that you need to listen to, what do you know in your heart, what comes up for you time and time again? You know already it’s time for some self belief.


We all go through that stage when we want to save the world, but the vastness of that will just have you running around like a headless chicken, achieving nothing. We have spiritual community full of the most amazing souls doing just that and going nowhere.


If you ask the question and then just be open to the answer you can find your purpose, what you need to do with that may come later but that is part of the process, you don’t need all the answers right now but you do need to develop some faith in yourself and your own knowing.


Once you take this in and make a commitment to learn and explore then everything else will follow.


Always happy to chat if you have any questions or you could buy a soul reading, all info is on my website.


The main thing is just to be aware when you are running around like a headless chicken, as this achieves nothing and is just because you are a little overwhelmed, just remember my words, that life is incredibly simple and if it all seems confusing and complicated then you are falling into drama (but as I say this is normal to begin with)


So sit with this energy and find your purpose as it will be a beautiful thing in deed.


Here if you need to chat


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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