June 2nd 2017 Energy Forecast


get real

Good Morning I hope you are well, so as always, we are in a duality after all, there are two very different strands to the energy today and over the weekend. I feel that this is for us to see our own free will in action. No matter what is presented to us, what opportunities are available our free will can make us look the other way.


Free will is a funny slightly intangible and often hidden from us quality. It takes conscious awareness to be able to see when we are flowing and when we are turning a blind eye or choosing another path. This weekend is going to show this to us, so that we can all see how we shape our own futures, that life does not just happen to us, that we are active and creative participants. This is what co-creation really means, it is that collaboration between the universe and us.


September is going to be a big month for many and life may change in some rather unexpected but good ways. Struggles that you may be dealing with now will seem to vanish and new opportunities in their place, just when you felt like nothing was happening or changing but you have to do the work.


You have to be in a position where you know yourself, or at least have started that dialogue and this isn’t the you that you see reflected in the eyes of others, this isn’t the you that society tells you should be, this isn’t the you that you have unconsciously grown in to. I mean the pure sparkly fabulous you. The one I see and you are ALL capable of seeing this for yourself and bringing it out but it is time to adjust your focus, move away from the surface, the materialistic and the drama and start building something amazing.


In my meditations recently I have been shown my path so far, it has made me laugh and cry but it has moved me deeply. I see how I have become the soul I knew I was, that my child self knew, I have finally caught up and uncovered the wisdom I was born with. Every day I learn something new, experience something new and  develop my gifts and senses further and every day I inspire someone to look at themselves with love and hope, I share the wisdom I have uncovered and help others to do the same. I live my life with purpose and passion, can you imagine how amazing that is? Just sit with that for a while and think how awesome that would be. This is not a life where I suffer or put others before myself, I am not in service and therefore living a life of poverty, no I live from my heart and live in abundance.


You can do this too, you really can but you can only do this once you take responsibility for your life, to see how you create the one you are living. Once you do this you can create the life that you truly desire but you have to be aware of your free will in each moment. You do this my increasing your conscious awareness and you do that by processing. However this weekend is going to be slightly different and you are going to get a snap shot of what is going on with you, how your free will shapes your life and how you can use this to create something spectacular.


This weekend is going to be heady with high energy but also still and deep, you job is to bring your conscious awareness to each moment, stop doing things on auto pilot and really notice all the decisions you make in each moment.


Once you do this you may see that the things you are waiting for have actually been there all along, it’s just you chose to push them to one side, preferring the search or the drama of lack than wish fulfilment.


Wish fulfilment is scary because what comes after that? What then is your purpose? But know this it is never the destination, there isn’t really a destination, it is an amazing twisting journey which excites me every day.


Manifestation is also high at the moment so be really aware of what you are thinking and projecting.  I am contemplating whether I am seeing the future or manifesting at the moment because everything is super speedy and other dimensions much more tangible than normal. It is exciting and intriguing and I love it. My meditations are full of symbols that I don’t really know what they mean…..yet.


A big tidal wave of energy is coming , it’s a good thing. I keep getting clichés in my head, getting your ducks in a row and separating the wheat from the chaff. This is my mind is all about bring in your conscious awareness to your life, working with the universe and please make sure you ground every day.


These are amazing times ….the water is lovely, jump in !


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


#expandyourawareness #createyourlife #freewill #liveyourlife


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