May 31st 2017 Energy Forecast



Good  Morning I hope you are well, the energy this morning feels like a gritty road in the burning sun, it is hot bumpy and dusty. I feel friction and irritation and this is not going to be comfortable for some. It is going to be relatively short-lived but is here to get us to really look at what we are hiding or running away from. It feels like this energy can really get deep within and bring out what it is that is troubling you and believe me even though you may not want to face it and you are pushing it deep down and facing the other way it is affecting you, it is troubling you and although you don’t want to look it is best thing for you. Once you see it you can let it go!


Now this is not something ominous, this is not danger or evil coming to you, you are your own source of discomfort and irritation, so follow the cues, what is irritating you, making you mad? What is it that you can’t quite see? Where is the friction in your life? These are all questions that it is worth asking as it is the quickest way to get rid of the anxiety or unsettled feelings you have right now.


Not everyone is going to be feeling this, you may just get a mild feeling that something is off and this could just be the energy of everyone around you. Just check yourself, sit in meditation and ask if there is anything that you need to see or know.


If you are feeling anxious, ground and get into nature, talk with the universe, ask for its help, it is there with you, supporting you. This isn’t really a world of deceit and deception, although it may feel like that right now, this world isn’t here to trip us up or put us down, everything is here to lift us up but sometimes you need to see the bigger picture to realise that. So until you do, have faith that there is a reason for this, if you feel uncomfortable look for the reason why and do something about it. Talk to me if you would like, sometimes just voicing our deepest fears releases them or at least brings the light to them so you can really see.


Think about all the things you are worried about and been fearful of, often spending a lot of time and energy avoiding, maybe you have lost friendships or thrown away opportunities as you were hiding from these but how did they turn out in the end? Were they as bad as you thought or did you feel a great relief when you were forced to face them? How many times have you thought oh wow that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, wish I had done it sooner?


The problem is whilst you are deceiving yourself you will struggle to raise your vibrational rate, which in turn with restrict your awareness and connectivity, it can also tether you to your path so you become stationary or go round in circles.


You may also want to look at why you judge yourself so harshly? Why you have to project the image of the perfect person, when you are already perfect just being truly you, warts and all?


By this evening this energy is going to shift once again, it will be back so don’t think you can hide forever and maybe today is the day you take a good look at what it is that you have been avoiding. You won’t fall into a black hole but you will be liberated.


I also see violets and this is a colour that has been showing up more and more energetically, just wisps and strands but it is becoming ever present. Great transformations are on everyone’s doorstep, the possibilities are close enough to touch but you all have free will so you have to make that choice don’t  let fear make that choice for you.


The energetic structure has changed fundamentally over the last month, I have had some amazing developments of my experience , gifts and wisdom, can you feel it? This is happening to you too if you allow it and look for it. Awareness is key to all things, so start looking at your life.


We are moving into unity and whereas last year I could see this happening slowly and much was based on inner knowing and faith, now I can literally see it, I can see new structures forming.


Have any of you noticed the energetic changes in the last few weeks? They can be like heat shimmers you may have noticed them out of the corner of your eye. Have you noticed how the air doesn’t feel as dense or that you seem to know things even if it is after the fact? Are you becoming more aware? Think about it and reflect on the changes, subtle as they may be because when you recognise this is encourages more of the same, let your awareness expand……into unity.


Have a wonderful day, here if you need to talk.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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