May 28th 2017 Energy Forecast

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Good morning I hope you are well, so the energy has changed gears once again and you may have felt it like a drop, although it still feels chatty and sociable and about connecting, being and loving your friends and family, I also feel a melancholy or sadness running through it, a temptation to run home and hide under the duvet, without really knowing why.


I feel that this energy is as always about truths within and that the sadness has to do with revelations about our own behaviour. The moon brought a great deal up about our own inner truth and speaking that but now it seems that we are to have eureka moments about our own behaviour and motivations and it may not be all that rosy.


REMEMBER not to hold on to this, not to let it define you; don’t fall into victim or martyr mode. WE ALL have those revelations, those moments when our heart sinks and we think oh no I did that, I was responsible for that but the reason we have those moments of clarity is so that we can bring it to the light and balance it.


Over this week we are all going to see the roles we play, victim, hero, villain, these are choices we make and we adopt these roles out of fear mainly, it is better to play the game and distract ourselves from the truth and what we need to do about that than rock the boat and do something.


However when we play one of those roles we have to cast our friends and family in the other roles and that completely skews our perception and experience.


By Thursday we have some cowboy energy coming in, not too sure what that is but I get the sense of rounding things up, time to push forward once again, by next weekend the energy is going to be very different from this weekend, it is all go go go and if you are not ready you will get left behind. Not completely but maybe until the next cycle, which is never far away. The energy has been very different since the upgrade and what people can do is amazing, everyone’s gifts and senses are increasing daily especially if you pay attention to them.


Self-deception is high and the energy out there is full of fear, for so many reasons, ensure that you are fully grounded and have protected yourself energetically, there are some visualisations on my website to help with this. Then you must check yourself, Am I deluding myself, am I looking the other way, where am I creating this, am I invested in a particular role.


I get this all the time, which is why the first thing I do is reflect back on my actions, where is my responsibility, have I acted from my heart, with truth? When we speak our truth we can upset the apple cart so to speak and people can react badly to this. One of the first thing that often happens in this scenario is the person who is reacting to this truth goes into victim hero or villain. They will either become self- pitying and assume the position that you are mean or hurtful, that you are the big bad wolf , often getting others around to also believe that you are the villain, or they make become aggressive, overtly or passively and again try and get you to weaken your position, or they may cast you as the victim, you are a little confused or stressed and they will tell you exactly what you need to do, ignore all of this  and step out of , this has nothing to do with you, like a primary school Christmas play.


Bring your awareness to this when it happens and just step out of it, it is easy to also fall into the assumed/projected role or to try and justify or fight against it, just step out of it. Try not to judge the other person either as they are most likely unaware this is what they are doing and it is all part of the conditioning we are dissolving and your awareness is what will do this.


Enjoy this time being with friends and family, observe quietly the interactions and dynamics, feel that grounding as next week we are all going to be leaping tall buildings lol


Have a lovely day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx


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