May 26th 2017 Energy Forecast

May 26th 2017 Energy Forecast

your life

Good Morning I hope you are well, we are still in the energy of this beautiful new moon so expect the energy to be excitable and chatty going in to the weekend. You may find that you have moments where you mouth runs away with you and you say things that you didn’t expect to you however you may find that these things needed to be said.


The energy of truth is around by the bucket load as usual and when you stand in your own power you will find the truth tumbling from your mouth as if by itself but you will be amazed at the transformations it can bring. Often we are afraid of speaking our mind, expressing ourselves or asking for what we want but when spoken from the heart, from that place of inner power and truth nothing bad happens, in fact it often liberates you.


When you speak your truth from your heart it has a special energy that the person you are communicating with can feel, consciously or sub consciously depending upon their sensitivity, however they feel it and it affects them, it can stop their usual trigger response in its tracks, the key is it being your truth and coming from your heart. You are not speaking to be right, to gain the upper hand, to put someone in their place, to punish them, you are speaking your truth as an expression of your own inner guidance and power. This is right for you, this is true for you.


We are all taught to “play the game”  there is a great deal of expectation and role playing in social interactions, communications and relationships. We have to play our part whether we want to or not, whether we agree with it or not it is what is expected.  It may be time stand up and say no I don’t want to do this anymore, I want something real. When the energy of communication is with us like it is at the moment it makes it easier to express yourself before you are pushed to exploding point and then it comes out in anger or frustration, making a huge mess.


When we say things when we are pushed to our limits we often have to apologise, for the delivery but not the content but this gets lost and so does our message. So if you feel compelled to speak, to make your point or feelings hurt then go with it. Take a deep breath and let it flow, this is not the time to rehearse and plan as that too will come across as fake and weak. Just imagine that you are stepping into your power and stating calmly yet assuredly what is important to you.


This is definitely not about being angry with the person you are speaking to, there is no blame here, you gave away your power, they didn’t steal it. Now you are taking it back.


This weekend is a time to sort out disagreements and misunderstandings, by clear and calm communication, not by giving in, going back to the old and carrying on the charade.  If something is really important to you, if you are taking a new path for growth then stand firm and keep calm, ensure that you are coming from your heart and not your head and all will be well.


It’s not all hard work though this is going to be a weekend of fun and laughter, hilarity in fact. Gemini is the funniest and liveliest of party hosts and great raconteurs so put on your dancing shoes and have some fun.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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