Why is the food I cook so delicious?

Why is the food I cook so delicious?


Most people who eat the food I cook comment on how delicious it is, they enjoy each mouthful. One friend said it is like a taste explosion in your mouth, you can savour each individual and unique flavour.


So what is it? Yes I have some techniques taught to me by my mother and brother but my food at heart is very simple.


So why does it taste so damn good?


Love appreciation and gratitude!


I enjoy the experience from start to finish, from selecting the vegetables from the market to washing up the plates. I am conscious of the whole event.


I get excited as I know it is going to be amazing, I don’t hope it is going to be delicious I know it is.


I love the colours of the vegetables, the smell and sound as I cut them up, a friend said that she loves to watch me chop vegetables as I do it with so much love and attention.  I am just filled with gratitude that they even exist.


I indulge my sense right from the first step, I know when my food is ready or needs more seasoning by smell and I am aware how the food transforms in appearance, smell and taste.


I have gratitude for the vitamins and minerals that I am about to consume, that are vital for the healthy balance of my body and I make sure I preserve these.

Unconditional love just pours from me into the food at every step, I love the process, the sound the smell, the look, the health benefits, the whole experience.


I allow the food to express itself at its highest potential and am humbled and grateful for that.

My food serves me well, so the least I can do is give it my full attention and love, I eat consciously!


I learnt this many years ago through my son, I cooked angry one day and he refused to eat his pasta, he kept asking mum what have you done to the food it tastes really weird.


I used to eat to live, now I honour the moment and the health benefits are extraordinary. If you cook angry or in a rush, if you resent taking the time to eat or just don’t care, grabbing a takeaway so that you don’t pass out, then you are not allowing the food to express itself and serve you and you won’t experience the benefits.


Most of what I cook, I just add a little seasoning and lemon juice, it brings out the natural flavours, I let the food do the rest.


So make your meal times conscious and experience a taste sensation as well as added health benefits.


I know from the outside it may seem I can do all these amazing things but it is all so simple and it’s all about living consciously and every single one of you can do it too!


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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