May 24th 2017 Energy: Harness the energy of Mays Super New Moon in Gemini

May 24th 2017 Energy:  Harness the energy of Mays Super New Moon in Gemini


Good Morning, How are you? Sleeping heavy and long, upset stomachs and an overactive mind? Welcome to Mays Super New Moon.


The new moon is going to be bringing in a new cycle but this week we are flushing out the old, literally. This is an opportunity to let go of habits and old ways of being and in particular thinking, this new moon is in Gemini so it is all about mind-set and communication. These are biggies for most people; habitual negative mind-sets can be hard to break. We have been conditioned to think the worst then you don’t get disappointed or feel foolish, better to be hardened and restricted than optimistic and vulnerable.


If you have lots of thoughts swirling about your mind take some time out, sit with them and write them down, see which are messages or signs for growth and which are just fear based distractions of an imbalanced ego.


You may be feeling some anxiety but that is because you know you have something to say and that is taking you outside of your comfort zone but you also know you have to say it.


You will also be experiencing this on a physical level; super moons affect every level of us, so expect a physical flushing too.


New beginnings are like buses, they will come around again but do you really want to spend so much time waiting at the bus stop.


We have done so much clearing this year but as always we have the option to bring those cycles back in and many people through fear do just that, “better the devil you know” or they believe that this time it will be different….the definition of insanity “doing the same things over and over but expecting a different result” Einstein. The ego in fear however will convince you to stick to the old, will justify how it is ok.


There is an opportunity here for you to find clarity of thought, to see your mind-set for what it is and do something about it. Are you negative? Most people would say No or of they agreed that it was being a realist but ask yourself that question over the next day or so, look back over your Facebook posts or recall conversations with other, ask the universe, show me my mind-set. A negative mind-set is hidden from most people, they have no idea they are negative so it continues to affect their lives.


We have an amazing opportunity tomorrow to really manifest a bright new future, you can achieve whatever it is that want, however you need to be clear in mind and though, you need to recognise the cycle you are releasing and consciously create a new one but you need to be honest with yourself first. This is what the last few weeks of honesty integrity and faith have been about, getting to see where you really stand.


What are you sacrificing or compromising about yourself through fear? Sit back and observe what you mind is saying, even if it seems a little scary and jam packed with stuff. Before you can clear you mind you have to see what is in there and right now there are some messages there.


It may not be what you want but it will be what you need, don’t waste all the progress you have made by falling into fear at the last hurdle.


Drink plenty of water as your physical body is releasing and detoxing too, rest when you can as it can be exhausting , don’ t run from your chattering mind, step back and observe, allow it communicate then let it go.


It’s time my friends to let it all go, that cycle has ended and a fresh new one is ready to be created under the awesome power of  this Gemini super new moon.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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