My Chat with a seal pup

seal pup


Today I decided to confront my stalker! No not really, for the past week each time I came out of my beach meditation I would see a seal watching me from the sea. As I walked back down the beach it would follow me half of the way, it was a lovely connection and start to the day.


This morning, when I opened my eyes there it was bobbing away just looking at me, so I decided to really connect and have a chat. Much of what I experience in these connections I can’t really put into words, no words can truly capture it, often it is about seeing the world through their eyes.


Firstly it was a pup and he told me that he sees mainly in green and blue, I wasn’t too sure why he was telling me that but I have learned to just go with these things my understanding will come later. I asked why he was there, why he was coming to see me and he told me he came to hear the sound/music.


It seems that when I/We meditate we make music and the animals love it! How fabulous is that!


It was an awesome morning indeed!


When I got home I googled seals and the colours they could see, it seems that we thought they couldn’t see colour but there has been much research into whether they can see blues and greens and it seems they can.


I love that whenever we have these rather intangible experiences we are also given something we can verify factually. Validation that we are connected not delusional; when we choose to believe, the universe is always there with a helping hand.


I Love my Life


M xxxxx


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