May 22nd 2017 Energy Forecast


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Good Morning I hope you are well and so the magic continues, it feels as though the world is being sprinkled with fairy dust. Now of course that doesn’t mean that you are going to wake up in a magical world and will live happily ever after, although that is possible depending on your mind-set.  The fairy dust type energy is to bring alive the faith and belief in you.


I know it sounds like something from a children’s book but belief really is the power behind “magic” and I know so many of you don’t belief, not really, not truly, not deep down. You feel silly foolish or deluded, that it is wishful thinking or even maybe distraction from the ego.


Keep doing it and then your knowing and believing become one and once you believe in something you create it, just like that.


To believe you have to break down those walls that keep you “safe” it is a lie you tell yourself. You are not safe behind your fortress, you are alone, cut off from so many things. You are not living you are going through the motions, getting through the day. This is no way to live and why because you have been conditioned to believe that the dark grey and depressing reality of life is more shrewd and smart than to believe in magic or the power of you.


I have an amazing son, an amazing life, I do what I want with total freedom but it hasn’t always been that way, what changed was my belief in me and my belief in magic or rather the power of belief to transform.


It isn’t childish to believe but it is childlike and we all need a bit more of that innocence and wonder in our lives. Ponder this over the next few days, what would it be like to truly believe that you could create the life of your dreams.


Would you rather be the “realist” with your feet firmly on the ground, tethered by your fears and insecurities but assured in the view point that at least you are not deluded and you live in the real world or do you want to come to Tahiti with my son and I? Do you want to live me with in a world where I never rush, never do anything I don’t want to, eat what I want and spend a lot of time just be-ing,  everywhere I turn I see people transforming their lives, stepping into their power, throwing off the cloak of doom pity or drama and unlocking their true potential, imagine seeing that everyday, my heart could burst with joy.


I am not lucky chosen or special, I made a choice and a commitment. I put in a lot of hard work and now I don’t have to.


We can sit by the roadside and moan that our journey is too long, we can look to the long road ahead and believe that is all there is or we can start walking with faith that just around the corner is paradise because believe me paradise is there waiting and it is much closer than you think.


Do for today, feel the magic fairy dust and let it transform something in you. The world is an extraordinary place and the people within it are amazing, isn’t it time that you chose to see that too.


For all those may have had some truth bombs go off in their life over the weekend, roll with it but also have a quiet day today letting it all sink in. Some of you may feel empowered and sure, having had things validated over the weekend, some maybe in shock due to the truth revelations and some may be feeling a little silly as they are burying their heads in the sand and they just got a kick up the bum.


Right I’m off to the beach to wonder in the beauty of all, meditate and just be….only way to start the day.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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