May 21St 2017 Energy Forecast



Good Morning I hope you are well, although you may be feeling a little odd, out of sorts, not ill but you may feel as though the world is different  and you would be right it is.  The energy has changed that is woven into our reality, the energetic fabric that creates structure and form has changed and this was all part of the download I spoke about in my meditation the other day and is in part facilitated by the energy of truth.


Truth Faith Honesty Belief, these are integral to creation, to dismantling and dissolving the old way and creating a new reality for us all. These are the foundations upon which we build our world.  If you have these in your heart and follow their guidance you will have strength and joy.


There is much going on at a global level which may seem incredulous and a little scary but don’t worry about it , this is a good thing, it is part of the path forward. To create change first you have to create the action to make change happen and often that only happens when people are pushed to limits, of patience tolerance and belief. Tp be pushed enough will call for a new way and that is exactly what is happening.


I have written for years about us seeing the man behind the curtain , or the story of the emperor’s new clothes and I have watched them play out. Today like never before the people of the world are standing together with love wisdom and compassion and say No, taking back their power, looking for another way.

Although this may seem like a daunting task the energetic changes because of this are momentous and it is on an energetic level that the most changes are taking place right now. This has been happening for years and years however the big downloads that came in last week are changing us at an operating level, so you can feel it.


Can you feel it? Has there been a shift in you since last week. You  may have felt a little overwhelmed but just wait until it all settles in, you will feel empowered and determined.  Again this may not be in the way that you think, if you have been lying to yourself or looking the other way, then you will have to deal with this and you know it too right? It will be ok though, everyone is facing their truths right now, being pushed to a position where they have no choice but to stand in their own truth no matter what that may lead to.


Yes there is going to be a lot of restricting but that is ok when you have truth, the truth really is a beautiful thing, it really will set you free, all the clichés are true. Don’t think badly for lying to yourself, it’s part of the human condition living in the duality, only knowing half of ourselves yet wanting it all, success and happiness being external whilst having no faith or love for self. Let’s face it living it that world take a certain amount of self-deception.


The key is we are moving away from duality into unity, you have the choice to make that leap now, it is possible, it is what I teach. Just because things have been this way for what seems like forever, at least since 4000bc doesn’t mean that is the way it will always be.


There are amazing possibilities and joys waiting, trust me you are living on the surface of experience and there is so much more. Why do you think you feel so dissatisfied, so unfulfilled a little bored even. Why do you think you feel frustrated and as though you are missing the point somewhere along the line. Why do you think you feel so out of control and ineffectual? Why don’t you love yourself and genuinely think that you are an amazing person? Why don’t you wake up every morning with a massive smile on your face, thinking yea hello new day?


I genuinely do and so can you and the starts with being aware…..of what you want and don’t want, what makes your heart sing and what makes it small, of seeing and feeling what I am saying is relevant in your world and what that means to you.


Then you need to believe as it is shown to be true, then act on that, take thought and make it action, look for validation that the universe is showing you there is a different way.


Also no one is going to come and save you, you have to do this for yourself and you can and it is not your job to save anyone else either.


I write the reports and do the work I do because first I took care of myself, first I released my baggage and triggers, dissolved my duality conditioning and fell in love with myself. I don’t do what I do to save you, I do it because I can, because I have the wisdom and connection to pass on to you what I have learned and also what I am experiencing on a mystic level. That is it, whether we walk together for a time or not is of no concern to me. I have no investment in you but I do have faith in you and lots and lots of love.


So today feel the difference, it is there, I feel it running through my body, see if you can too.


Lots and lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


Moving into the Unity paradigm is what I teach, if you want to know more please get in touch together we can create something magical


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3 thoughts on “May 21St 2017 Energy Forecast

  1. So much of this speaks to me. By coincidence (synchronicity?) I wrote in my notebook about accepting Vulnerability late last night, likening it to emotional nakedness; like the emperor with no clothes. Having yo look at what’s actually there, not just what I ‘allow’ myself to show.
    Thank you for sharing, this provides food for thought.


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