May 19th Energy Forecast



Good Morning I hope that you are well, the energy of truth is still with us and will remain a strong presence for some time to come. Truth will dissolve and dismantle the old structures by removing our faith in them, seeing the truth is like seeing the light everything changes at a deep fundamental level.


You cannot un-see and you cannot un-know, the fight however will be an internal one, a tug of war between truth and fear. However the next full moon is going to pack a punch and bring with it some deep revelations.  Don’t go into fear about this or worry as that will just make you stick your head in the sand or run away. All of this is good, it will get you where you need to be so just flow with it.


There also feels like a lot of nostalgia and heightened emotional responses, you may feel loss and just tearful, again just flow with this, don’t hold on to it and if you feel like crying then cry but don’t own it as a permanent state. We can be crying one minute and laughing the next and this is ok. There are deep changes and realisations stirring within you. Your intuition is heightened and you have a deep knowing, that changes are happening and that you will have to let go of so much, although this is a good thing and what you need it can make you feel loss.


Loss is a strange emotion, it is an empty feeling but also one that you really can’t define, as it really is just a response to a feeling of newly created space. Whatever is leaving your life right now have gratitude for the time spent in your life, or the lessons learned, the opportunities created. Don’t be concerned if you feel loss for something awful leaving your life, change is change and we have to mourn it to let it go no matter what it is.


When something is done, past its usefulness or value we have to release it, stagnant energy is not healthy or pleasant, it can give you feelings of general anxiety and can begin to affect your physical health. You don’t want that so let it go, you can’t hold on to it and live at the same time.


Changes happen all the time, it is part of growing and moving forward on your path, welcome these changes, even if it means the future is uncertain. See it as an adventure, a lesson in trust and faith rather than uncertain and bleak or scary.


Stop sit and just breathe, can you feel how the world has changes, how you have changed, it may just be an inner knowing, what I write may resonate with you but you are not sure why, sit with this. Take on board the fact that nothing is the same as it used to be and this is a good thing. Start looking for all the signs that show you this world is no longer the same and then align yourself with this.


It is time to drop your expectations and it is these that are keeping you locked in the rules of the old world. Your expectation of the rules is what is creating them. The rules no longer exist without you, you are creating them with your expectation!.


So look at your world, is it flowing? What is the universe trying to show you? Do you feel like you are moving forward or going round in circles? Do you feel passionate about your life?


As we move into the weekend we will be shown where we need to draw our attention, it is time for some internal housekeeping next week as we will all need to get our ducks in a row. So take a deep breath and get stuck in. This will not overwhelm you but it may surprise you.


Have a wonderful day, get into nature if you can as this will help develop your intuition over your fear.


Love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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