May 18th 2017 Energy Forecast



Good Morning, I hope you are well, although some of you may be up early this morning, as sleep may not have been smooth. There was lots going on last night and it may have disrupted your sleep or made you aware of yourself during sleep. The energy was shifting, increasing in intensity and just generally shaking things up a bit. You may find that you have woken with a little anxiety or maybe the opposite, feeling clear and released, as though a weight had been lifted.


This feels like a rather unusual energy, almost like it changes from one thing to another depending upon what is needed. I felt it come forward like a curious cat, asking what do you have to fear but when I went close it changed into something else, it went from orange to blue. This is very interesting and I am looking forward to my morning meditation, which is a healing meditation (details on my website) to explore further what it can do.


It fees more interactive than normal energy and is about facing your fears, or seeing what is real and what isn’t and being truthful. Ah I see, often when we see the truth behind our fears it disempowers them, dissolves them and they hold power over us no longer, we are free. Yet sometimes we hold onto our fears as that is easier than being free and having to take responsibility for our lives, for having to get out there and do something and for this we need truth, so that we can see what we are doing to ourselves.


As I write this I am starting to see what this energy is all about and it is going to help a great deal, although it may feel really uncomfortable.  You may feel your fears triggered but remember this is to help you release your fears; keep this in mind if you begin to feel anxious or fearful. Take a deep breath, step back and say to yourself ok, this is showing me a fear I have that isn’t real, it isn’t based in anything and somewhere I am lying to myself. You will gain clarity if you allow it.


The truth will set us free and here this is very true but you need to question to prod. You will find yourself in situations over the next few weeks that may trigger a fear response in you and you are to question this, to look closer, to prod it a little. To ask is this real?


We also will have the opportunity to do the same with that voice in our head that tells us we can’t, is this real? When we begin to justify our own behaviour to make excuses for ourselves, again we can question is this real? Don’t hold on to the lie through fear, this is not Pandora’s box, you will not be overwhelmed or consumed, this is the road to liberation from the box you have unknowingly been living in.

It is time to let go people, of the walls that you think keep you safe, to the story you tell yourself that stops you looking too closely at your motives and actions, the fear that makes you choose staying small over endless but unknown possibilities.


It’s time to see the lies we tell ourselves for what they are. We are being the given the opportunity to step out of the box we have been living in, the box that we think is everything, our whole world. Yet once we step out of the box we see that it is just a box in a room in a house on a street in a town, that it isn’t everything that was just our viewpoint when we were in the box.


This is hard I know, to recognise your own lies, however it is the way forward, hence the energies coming in to help.


If you live in a pig pen but tell yourself it’s a palace will not make it so, you may be able to believe it for a moment but it will take a lot of work to maintain that façade. All of your time and energy will go into keeping up the lie, mainly to yourself so that you could have brief glimpses of what it may be like if it were true.


However if you see that you live in a pig pen, you can make peace with that, accept it and find the positives, you can begin to change it on a foundation level, rather than just sweep up a little or you can move but you can’t do any of that until you admit where you live.


So my beautiful friends take a deep breath and get ready to see the truth, use my website and the meditations as much as you need to. Forgive yourself everything, everyone lies to themselves this way it is part of the duality paradigm we lived in so this is normal however we are moving out of that paradigm into unity so it no longer has to be that way, so time to forgive you and move on.


Have a wonderful day, I am teaching most of the day so won’t be around until this evening but do get in touch if you have any concerns. It may feel a bit uncomfortable but this is a really good thing, liberating. However as always you have free will so you can stick your head in the sand and that is your choices just try not to lie to yourself about it. With the energy of truth so high it will be like the Emperor’s new clothes.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxxx


#energyoftruth #seethetruth #seethelight #energyshifts #freedom #liberation


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