Beautiful Meditation this morning

I love when the animals come out to just be with me!IMG_2676

Every Thursday I add a healing element into ny meditations for those that sign up via my website


This mornings meditation was beautiful and when I came out of it there in front of me was a seal, we just looked at each other for some time, no thought just connecting and be-ing.


As I walked back along the shore the seal swam alongside me for some time, periodically we would both stop and just look at each other.


A beautiful experience in deed.


A few weeks ago in a healing meditation I opened my eyes to see a deer stood behind me on the beach, just looking.


These moments are still but deep, without word or thought but connecting at a deep level. They fill my heart with joy and peace and make me smile all day long.


A beautiful and magical way to start the day!


Nature isn’t to just be ignored, controlled or observed from a distance, nature isn’t outside of us, it is part of us and to deny a part of us is a life half lived.


You too could experience this joy and blissful connectivity everyday too but you have to get out there in it!


Nature isn’t just for sundays and meditation isn’t just for crisis, start using the amazing resources that are freely available and see how awesome you feel.


Now off to prepare for the my next tutorial, we are on week 3 already of my development course and I am very excited.


The next course intake is in June, Go to, check it out, it will be the best decision you make.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxxx






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