This mornings meditation….getting ready for some global energy work

I just had a Fabulous meditation down the beach and I thought I would share the beginning with you…


As I was sat with a blank mind and an expansive heart, just being I felt myself become part of what seems like an electric and pale blue energetic carousel or maybe a bit like a May pole. There was a pole in the middle and ribbons of energy coming off it and I was attached to the end of one of those ribbons, spinning round but it felt more like flying.


I then noticed other people at the ends of the ribbons and as we all began to spin faster and faster we then merged and wrapped around the pole….definitely like a May pole then, all of us entwined together, so many different colours, we became one energetic conduit/pole…….


Oh I so love what I do ❤


#blessed #newdownloads #energeticdownloads #mysticwork #liferocks


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