Energy Boost Thursday 18th May 2017

fear of truth


So there was no energy report this morning as I was enjoying the sunshine and then the time just ran away. ( I ran out of time again so this post is meant for tomorrow I think)


However I did want to speak to you about a big energy boost we have coming in on Thursday. This is all related to the energy of truth and integrity.


This year has been the year of us, last year was the year of big cycles ending and although cycles still continue to end the focus has been more on the new beginnings that this allows.


Now we are entering an intense period of truth, another theme of this year and the energy is reminding me of 2008. We have had some significant burst of truth and integrity energy and it has been a back drop to this year but Thursday brings it in, in an intense and focused way.


We all have choices in life to face the truth or hide from it but finding our own truths can be hard, what is our truth and where does it come from? Often we have what feels like conflicting truths and how can you tell a self lie from a self truth? Does the mind create our truth or does our fear?



The energy on Thursday is going to help you with this, it is going to rip off the plaster super quick and point you towards your truth or at the least the first step to finding it. As always you have free will, so if you decided to face the other way and continue with your own justifications then that is your choice  and what you will create, however you will continue to be presented with the opportunity for a different path.


We lie to ourselves all the time on so many different levels and it is totally pointless meaningless and valueless, yet it is a condition of the duality we live in. A duality hurts our soul, it is the opposite of our core being so we lie to ourselves as we think this is all we have, we think we have to play by these rules, to conform to fit in to succeed but we don’t that is the biggest lie we tell ourselves.


Once you find your own truths, you’re are empowered bold and courageous yet at the same time calm and tranquil. You do not need to shout about this, you just get on with quiet determination.


Now you need to arm yourself with forgiveness and I have meditations and visualisations to help you with ths on Forgiveness is the most beautiful and strong energy yet so many shun it as it makes them feel weak or vulnerable but it is the most liberating energy and the greatest gift you can give yourself. So try and get your head round this and use one of my techniques to help you, as when the revelations hit you are going to feel silly, ashamed and disappointed in yourself or feelings like that and the first thing you need to do is recognise, embrace and release…….it is the only way, there is no value in being a martyr, no value in beating yourself up, it is what it is, it is part of living in a duality but once your awareness is brought to it then it is your responsibility to do something about it and that means forgiveness.


We have all been deluded, aggressive, opinionated and superior in our belief in what we can do or now at some point and we have all missed the point just like a small child who get a minute understanding of something and thinks they know it all. We have all done that, we have all got carried away and been a dick. We have all been so sure and justified in our own position and viewpoint only to see the slightly bigger picture and realise we got it totally wrong, we have all been pointing the finger at someone who were mean and mistreated us only to see that we too were abusive or mean and that we created the situations…..we have all had those moments and as you continue to develop you will have many more. This is fine and it is great, don’t feel ashamed or silly, it shows that your conscious awareness is expanding, you are seeing the bigger picture and your part it in it.


So forgive yourself and let it go and move to the next level of learning and development. You will be tempted to run away or stick your head in the sand because realising that you have been a dick is the opposite of what we want to think about ourselves but you can only stop being a dick by realising that you have been a dick in the first place and hey we have all been dicks so you are in good company.


I am here if you have any questions about the energy coming in on Thursday and please please please use the free resources on my website and If you want to take that next step them check out the details of my development course…the next one starts in June at


Just remember until you make that transition from duality to unity you are going to be equal parts sinner and saint.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


#energyof truth #energyshift #facethetruth #honestyintegritywillsetyoufree


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