16th May 2017 Energy Forecast


look within

Good Morning, I hope that you are well, there is a very focused practical energy around at the moment, time to get things done, get organised and put plans into action.


I feel a very grounded and earthy energy, it feels like it will help you see whatever it is that you are doing to the end, these tasks will be completed. This is fab news to me as my technique with most things seems to be more like a grasshopper and has come at the perfect time so I for one will be taking full advantage of this energy.


Whatever it is that you need to be doing that is going to build those foundations of your new world this is the perfect time. It is too easy for us to get focused on the giddy excitement of what can be but we also need that more practical energy to get the job done and this brings with it focus.


It could to some feel a little boring especially after all the promise of a new way and this may feel like the dullest of the old but trust me it isn’t and if you stay present in the moment and enjoy the process then you will see the value and the beauty in it.


You will also get the great satisfaction of a job completed and a job well done. If you are going to do it, then do it properly, what you are building here is not for show, it is not to prove anything or be better/first, it is to create a strong basis that other great things can grow and flow from so that you can enjoy life without worrying about the ground upon which you stand. You are creating consistency, value and depth, so make sure you do it properly and at the same time have fun.


It is also good to remind yourself to have a strong grounding technique, something you should at least once a day. Yes it can feel great to feel up in the clouds but it is valueless if you don’t ground as you cannot bring anything that you feel or see into any reality, you can’t do anything with it and it never becomes real.


There are some big changes going on with our energy and the energetic structure and fabric of our world and I will be doing some no doubt awesome global energy work over the next week.  Amongst other things the issue with my neck was one mighty slap round the back of the head from the universe to get myself back into focus, get my diet energy and time back to peak performance as I had work to do but as usual I didn’t know that till about an hour ago. It does mean that in a couple of weeks, maybe a month there is going to be something big that shows up in your world, something that is going to change how you feel or see certain things, it will shift how you see your world. Or something like that, I never really know what it is that I am doing until I do it and connect in with all the other mystics and energy workers and we never really know the full reason because it isn’t important, when we do the work we do, we do it without expectation or attachment and we do it with faith that it is what we need to do at that time.


Anyway that is not something to worry about it is another brick being removed from the wall of your rather limited perception, which is always a good thing.


So definitely work on your grounding techniques as it is going to significantly raise the energy of the planet and you and you don’t want to be falling over in the supermarket or forgetting your own name haha


I also have another article about the energy shift on Thursday which I will finish shortly, I had a wonderful afternoon working on some processing with a student and the time just slipped away. Who says processing can’t be fun.


So have a great day, get some stuff sorted, this is for your future after all. Please take advantage of all the free stuff there is on www.micheleelizabeth.co.uk/free-stuff there are meditations and visualisations but also video’s where I talk about energy and ascension for example, you will find these a great resource as we continue dissolving the old world and creating a new one…..don’t you want to be part of that?


Everything I do is to help you get a handle on this new world and to move form duality into unity, so please take full advantage of this and If you really want to take that leap to make that commitment, sign up for my next processing course in June, simple tools you will use for life to create the life you always wanted to live.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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