May 14th 2017 Energy Forecast


your life

Good Morning I hope you are well and enjoying your weekend. The energy this morning is once again a bit of a mixed bag, it has the delicate pastels of lilac and pinks, feeling like fun and playfulness, the first hint of the potential bloom and then we have this deep vibrant orange, which is passionate driven ambitious and go getting. It is also sensual and passionate. This energy feels warm and comforting too but in an empowering way. It will be interesting to see how these play out over the next few days.


Over the next few days and weeks the energy is going to seem very contradictory but in fact it isn’t, what we once thought of as opposite ends of the poles are actually complementary and give us a depth and range to our experience that we have been previously unaware. Often experiencing polarities in this way only occurred once you yourself were able to transcend the duality we live in however it seems the universe is giving you a warm up.


It is time to look at little deeper at what you feel, we use the same adjectives to describe a multitude of states and therefore the true feeling gets lost in translation and sadly often lost to you. You can be happy and sad at the same time, calm yet hyper. You don’t feel ok or happy, you feel content, blessed, satiated, joyful, expectant, nervous, excited, nourished, valued and that is just the tip.


Really start to connect with how you feel and then follow those feelings back and see how the ones that persist and are most common are the ones that come deep within you and are not reliant on the actions of anyone or anything outside of yourself.


As you get more in touch with your own feelings and own energy you will see that in every moment of everyday there is an energy to support you in whatever state you are focusing on or experiencing. The world is like a massive sweetie store an array of sparkly colours and shapes, whatever you fancy is there for the picking. The world is an amazing and delightful place, it’s just the conditions of the duality lock us into our own selves, trapping us so that all we see and feel is what we don’t have, what we need, what we want. We are unaware of our own power and abilities, including the ability to choose, we just want to ease the fear. That may feel like your reality but it isn’t real. To me the world is the most beautiful place.


The fear and war, conflict and lack is all happening at ground level but step up just a few feet, expand your viewpoint and everything looks very different. These are enlightening times in deed, you are changing and a rapid rate, allow this but also be aware that this will trigger your fear and you will want to go back to what you know. Try and resist this, look to me if you need to, I have done it so can you, I am a living example of what is out there for you or rather what is within but this will be reflected in your outer world. I have wealth health and a deep consistent joy, for those that know me, they would state that I am always happy and my world just falls at my feet. I dance in the thunderstorms of life and create something magical and I am deeply connected to the flow of all life and I love it. My passion and drive in life is to share this with you, to get you to see what you can achieve and create, and I have packaged all of this into a simple but transformative course.


My life is beautiful because it is simple…ahhh and that is the lilac energy, beauty in simplicity, the orange is ambition and passion but with a grace and simplicity that if used together would be awe inspiring and it is yours, there to reach up and grab… what is stopping you?


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxxx


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