May 13th 2017 Energy Forecast

happiness in the soul


Good Morning I hope you are well, there has once again been a shift in the energy and for now it is more playful and light. This energy is about embracing the pleasure, enjoying yourself and letting go in the moment, feeling everything.


There is a heightened sensitivity that usually comes with the full moon but this is in a slightly different way, lighter perhaps.


So indulge your sense, do whatever floats your boat, blows your hair back, do it for no other reason than you like it and you can, and trust me you can , you can find the time, No excuses for you!


Delight your senses with touch smells taste and sensations, delight your mind, excite your heart and surprise your emotions.


So what do you Love to do, what makes you lose yourself? Art, rock climbing, go to the beach, rock climbing, swimming, dining with friends, dancing, performing? Whatever you can totally immerse yourself in and come alive do it this weekend.


It is time for all of us to break up the old routine, get off auto pilot and seek some thrills, have some fun, unbridled almost child -like fun. You know the days before you thought of consequence or your list of stuff to do…that can all wait till Monday for now the energy is supporting you to have some joy.


We have all had a rather different year, there have been lots of changes and discoveries, ending and new beginnings and it hasn’t always been easy, oh it seemed like a walk in the park after 2016 I am sure but still it is time to have a little break and enjoy this new empowerment you have, to enjoy the space that you have created, to enjoy the possibilities for the future now that all has changed. So just stop and take a breath, remind yourself to just be in each pleasurable moment, this is what life is about and as you continue to walk on your path, learning your lessons, growing,  expanding your conscious awareness, this is what you will experience more consistently until eventually it is your baseline


Truth is ever present and you may find that it is directing you more and more, you find it hard to be around lies and deceit, the truth spurts out of your mouth without you knowing it. This can be disturbing but it is a good thing. With truth comes integrity, impeccability, discernment, truth has the power to transform, it also has an beautiful bright and strong energy and is wonderful to have in your life. However truth is not easy if there are things that you don’t want to face, you will often surround yourself with people who have the same view point of you to validate this. This is ok, it is human nature when we are running or in fear, just bring this into your awareness.


I will write more over the next few days on what we have coming up as there are big shifts and also the odd surprise coming, which is all good but it may shake things up a bit. For now however enjoy your weekend and this awesome world, like you are 4 years old again. Do something for the sake of doing it, think of a 4 year old you know and the weird and random things they do….why do they do this? Because they can and in that moment it feels great.


Have a wonderful weekend, indulge those senses


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


#mayenergy #havefun #livelife #enjoy #dance


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