May 11th 2017 Energy Forecast

truth 3

Good Morning I hope you are well, dreams are heavy with messages for us at the moment but you may remember them or you may not, although remnants will stay with you for the day like an echo, calling to you like a half forgotten memory.


Do you feel as though there is something you should know, or something you do know you are just not sure what yet or maybe it is something that you will know and when you do it will change everything? That feeling that the other shoe is about to drop, well it is the energy of Truth is high, it is being super powered by the energy of the moon and there will be revelations all around. Of course you can turn the other way, which is probably a pretty strongly entrenched habit but do yourself a favour and turn to face it.


Problems are never greater than the fear we have of them, they only persist to get us to look at them, directing our gaze to them shines the light on the them, opening our heart, accepts and embraces them so we can let it all go. Our issues, blocks and triggers are created like a pearl, although the bounty is not so beautiful until you let it go that is. An issue within that dominates your life, colouring and determining every interaction was most likely created by the smallest incident in childhood, like a grain of sand trapped in an oyster shell. Often these grains are sand are misunderstandings, the perception of the adult world through the eyes of a child. Yet over time they grow bigger and bigger, through more agitation and irritation, our adult perception adds more weight to the darkness that lurks within, not giving it a name or any understanding as it is just there lurking, its presence felt but not really seen.


Until the day you stop looking the other way and turn to face this ever constant presence in your life and say “ what do you want, what do I need to see ?” Then when you look closely you can see the pearl, it was there within you all along.


Use this energy, work with it, ask those questions that usually only your mind asks in the middle of the night, face it because underneath you will find your pearl. This energy is truly a great gift to us, don’t fight it, go where it leads. Often people just flow where the good times are, where you feel good, this is great but it is not constant, there is no depth here, it is like beauty created through makeup rather than beauty shining from within.


This truth energy is not about anyone else and I urge you to pay attention to how much you focus on other people, don’t waste your time or energy analysing or passing judgement on others even if your mind tells you it’s because you care….the only reason you do this is to avoid answering that inner call to look a little deeper. Seriously everyone has enough of their own lives to sort out, who has the time, So the next time you start to discuss a friends life with another friend just pause and think about it, what is your intention and what is the value? Maybe just maybe like a child who has a hundred and one really important questions for their parents 2 minutes before bedtime, you are distracting yourself from the inevitable.


Don’t miss out on these amazing opportunities, the tv is full of sci-fi and fantasy programmes and movies about leaving a broken or destroyed earth and beginning new civilisations and I am sure you love them but don’t you see this is what is happening now, with us moving from a duality to unity, these are the choices you are making every day and so many are choosing to stay where they are, are choosing conflict power and prestige over joy harmony and love. Now unlike the movies there are no chosen ones, the few will not succeed over the failure of the many, we really are all in this together and you will get there eventually, it’s just how hard do you want to make the journey there. That is ultimately the choice you are making…how long and how difficult do you want to make this.


If you were looking down at your life from an eagles perspective what do you think you would make of the little dance you are doing?


Have a wonderful day and embrace the truth, it’s a lot less scary than you think.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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