May 10th 2017 Energy Forecast Full Moon



Good Morning I hope you are well and enjoying the revelations that a full moon brings. So how do you feel in the energies of the full moon and the new moon, these are most exaggerated and easy to spot. So sit and reflect on this for a while, how do you feel? What is stirring from within? Are you short tempered or excited, are you bubbling away with emotion feeling like you may explode or are you feeling calm and empowered? Neither is right or wrong, both are indicators of what you need to do.


So often in life people try and fit into a role or vision that they perceive as worthy, projecting this vision to the world. It is fake and without integrity and is created by the ego to bring a sense of self worth, when in fact the opposite is true, the energy is fake without substance or grounding and will do nothing but ensure that you are fixed on the pendulum swing from good times to bad, nothing is real and no growth is made.


Don’t believe the hype, don’t see your own self worth reflected back in the eyes of another, or the likes on facebook post, this is not real, you are not real and they are not real and this is what the full moon energy is going to reflect back to you. Why invest in something that is ultimately an illusion projected by your ego. Hiding the fact that you are totally awesome, capable of the most amazing and extraordinary things, that you have something to give, to teach but first you have to experience it, allow it and see it in your life.


We all know how fabulous it is to have time without a phone or social media, yet we are addicted to it….why? What is it that we are avoiding? As many of you know I am tech lite, Social Media lite and my energy is better for it….let this full moon gently guide you into seeing where and how you distract yourself, where you may think you are moving forward but you are really going round in circles.


Let this beautiful gentle yet powerful energy show you what you need to see and then allow this new revelation to change you!


It is all very well saying your positive manifestations and asking for stuff but more importantly is seeking the guidance it offers, following the signs that say look within, look here there is work that needs to be done, look behind the curtain you are deceiving yourself. Remember our mind and our ego are experts at justifying our own behaviour which come on let’s be honest can be pretty shitty at times, often believing that we are just trying to help when in reality we are trying to get our needs met in whatever way we can.


The energy at the moment is like the most awesome mother, very direct and no BS but kind and nurturing. This energy is not to say oi you are being an ass it is saying pull back the curtain and see what is really going on with you and that is ok, the first step to transformation is being honest with yourself, the second step is forgiving yourself and the third step is letting it go.


I see the most amazing people with fantastic potential tie themselves to shallow materialistic version of themselves and never grow, never reach that potential, going round in circles getting angrier and sadder because they can’t understand why they are not succeeding, why they are not happy and why they are not taken seriously. To all those people I want to say just STOP and take a minute, stop banging your head against that brick wall, if you turn around you will see a field of creation, a pool of tranquillity and an abundance of love, wealth and health but first you need to see who you are and you won’t do that until you just stop and be!


So although the full moon is a time of fruition of abundance, it is also a time to look at the dark side within, to see the truth illuminated, the energy is here to support you by saying it is ok, this does not make you a bad person, it make you a strong warrior to be able to see yourself in this way, to embrace your vulnerability, to recognise that you just need to let go…..Once you do you will see that everything that you have been chasing is there right in front of you, ready for you if you want it….however once you truly love and see yourself, what you want changes dramatically.


So whatever fear is keeping you trapped in old cycles, whatever negative feelings you have for yourself, whatever anxieties about your own abilities to provide you with the life of your dreams, allow this energy to bring this to you, to show you the path out of here, allow you to see the truth.


It is ok, you will be ok, in fact you will be more than ok you will be free!


Here if you need me, these are beautiful empowering times……try not to run away!


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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