May 9th 2017 Energy Forecast



Good Morning, I hope you are well, the energy shifted once again in the night and has gone from practicalities to nurturing. What were your dreams like last night? Did they feel good comforting and familiar? The energy around at the moment is like that at the weekend it is pastels, delicate yet moving, feminine and powerful. This is very much linked with the energy of the full moon and it is time to notice the beauty all around.


The world really is an amazing place, ready and waiting to inspire, nurture, protect and rise up. It offers us a bounty of treasure that is ours if we wish to accept it. Life is a mixture of strong and delicate, bold and unassuming, adventurous and grounding, all seemingly contradictory yet work with an ease and balance together that lifts your heart.


Spend the next few days in this beautiful moon energy and realise that you don’t need to be one thing or the other, you don’t need to restrain constrain and limit yourself with labels and categories. Look at the flowers in your garden, watch them bud and bloom, notice how they grow and where they grow. Do they follow regimented lines and say oh no I could not possible bloom there as I am a wall flower and can only grow with the support of a wall, I have no place to be centre stage, no they grow where they can seek the light, they use whatever is around them for support and they just keep growing, expressing themselves in each moment without care or regard for control or design (expectation and attachment) they are just seeking the light and expressing themselves.


This is a time of beauty and peace, joy and wonder. New cycles have begun in march and we all have the opportunity to explore this, to revel in the wonder. However this is not a given, just because we have a new cycle does not mean that you experience that, you have to make that conscious choice to leave behind the old ways, the old habits and triggers or you will find yourself back on repeat.


So today and over the next few days and particular tomorrow in the light of the full flower moon, dance laugh and sing, gasp with awe at the beauty of a blossoming flower or be entertained by birdsong with the background music of the wind through the trees. I lay in a wood yesterday just looking up to the sky listening breathing feeling and sensing, just taking it all in and feeling blessed to be alive, to be part of this, bang smack in the middle of it all and so are you, you just need to step off the treadmill and experience that.


Have a wonderful beautiful inspiring day and send out love and gratitude to all….this really is a great time to count your blessings.


Love and laughter Michele xxxxx

#blessed #summer #joy #wonderfulworld #femininenergy #flowermoon #maymoon #fullmoon #iloveafullmoon #love


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