May 8th 207 Energy Forecast


care fpr yourself

Good morning I hope that you are well and had a magical weekend, now I feel that it is time to get down to some practicalities, what needs to be sorted out in your physical world, your immediate environment?


The energy is strong and grounded and it is also related to the material aspects of our lives, the bricks and mortar so to speak, it may be a time of going back to basics and ensuring that your foundations are strongly built. This is important, even if it feels a little flat after the weekend, you cannot live in a world of dreams if you don’t have a good grounding, so time to check the ground before you pitch your tent.


The energy of the full moon will be with us shortly which is why we need to make sure the ground is clear because with it comes the wish fulfilment of the new moon, what did you put out there a couple of weeks ago, what are you looking to manifest? Keep your eyes peeled and remember it doesn’t always come the way you expect.


We all need to make space in our lives, space to breathe, to see, to create, we are bombarded with energy, from people, things, events, wishes and desires, fears and conflict. It is all buzzing around us, getting in our way and obscuring our view. So it is important that you find your own time out, whether that is a walk in the countryside or on the beach, or just 10 minutes a day sitting and being and breathing. How can you know what you want and who you are if you are never alone with your own energy, when you are not sure what is you and what is someone close to you, when your dreams become so entangled with someone else’s you are not sure what is yours anymore. We can share parts of our paths with our loved one, a partner for example, we can walk side by side however we are still on our own paths and this we have to maintain.


The energy today feels a little cold, a little stark, it is blues and greys as opposed to the golds and pastels of the weekend but this is necessary, you have dreamed your dreams now is the time to clear the space, to let go of what once was and to be open and accepting to what comes your way, after all this is what you wanted.


I haven’t said it for a while but sometimes the greatest strength is not in holding on but in letting go and it is time to let go…..of everything that keeps you small and stops you moving forward. If you want your dreams to come true you have to let them and that starts with making some space.


So step out into your world today with a commitment to do what needs to be done, to flow with the signs and create the space to allow miracles to happen.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


#mayenergy #globalenergy #fullmoon #manifestdreams #spaceclearing #keeponmoving


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