May 6th 2017 Energy Forecast



Good Morning I hope that you are well, the energy this morning is light and optimistic, empowered and energised, so what are you going to do with it? Energy is like the weather, if you know how it is going to be you can you dress and plan your day accordingly.


Think of yourself like a sailor, waiting for the right wind, some days all you can do is wait and other days the moment the wind picks up you run out to the shore and jump in your boat. Sometimes this wind will take you directly to your destination and other times you have to tack back and forth going around the islands until the wind will take you to where you want to go. For a sailor this isn’t a waste or a delay this is all part of the experience of sailing.


So what are you going to do with this energy this weekend. It is like courage and motivation all mixed up with some magical fairy dust. Is there an answer to a question you seek, do you want to know the direction to go next, do you want to talk to loved ones passed, do you want clarity and understanding? Do you want to feel love, tranquillity and peace? Whatever it is that you want this week end can be that moment for you, this energy can lead the way.


First you have to stop, sit and just be, you don’t need to meditate but close your eyes be and breathe, when thoughts come into your head let them drift out and focus on your breath. Keep doing that until you feel differently than when you sat down, this may be a big shift or something tiny but it is a shift. Notice it feel it, then from that place reach out and ask for what you want.


You don’t get in this strange world of ours if you don’t ask! You won’t get answers or clarity, you won’t get abundance and you won’t create your dreams if you don’t reach out and start the process.


So this weekend find your still point then reach up and state your intention…this is asking, whether it be god, the divine feminine, the universe or ultimately YOU …what is it that right here right now do you want…..ANSWERS, DIRECTION, PEACE OF MIND, HEALTHY BODY, FREE FROM PAIN, SUCCESS, JOY….it doesn’t matter what you want or why, it just matters that you want it and that you are ready to reach up and grab it.


You can do this, no one in this world is going to do it for you or come and save you, you can do this, you really can. Miracles happen once you believe and that is what this world is all about, what you believe.


Ask yourself why is it more worthy to think that the world is a dark place, why is it thought wiser to see that people are not to be trusted and will let you down, why do most people think this is a dog eat dog world and human beings are cruel…..why do we think that way and why do we believe it is the clever thing to do?


So this weekend with this beautiful bright and golden sparkly energy look for the beauty and kindness, the togetherness and unity, look for the miracles and those beautiful moments that pass between people, look for those random encounters where a spark passes.


Just look around you and see the joy and beauty all around and then choose that as your world, it is a choice you make after all.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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