May 5th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you are all well and what a beautiful day it is. The energy is light bright and sparkly, a great contrast to earlier in the week and even yesterday. I see golden clouds that seem to be acting like elevators, it all seems rather magical and a place to explore. I see unconditional love everywhere and our heart energy is strong. Much of the energy is pastel colours swirling twisting a twirling like ribbons at a fair. This feels like the dreams of a child.

Ah the dreams of a child, a wonderful thing indeed, they have no limits of constraints, not being bound by physical or seemingly natural laws, not restrained by social convention or expectation. The dreams of a child are wish fulfilment in that moment for no reason than joy, they don’t dream to solve a problem, they dream for the pleasure of dreaming, for the experience itself.

The energy of magic and daydreaming is high, embrace it, be it, allow your dreams to lead you, absolutely anything is possible but you need to believe. When watching movies something called suspension of disbelief happens, this allows us to truly fall into that moment, into the story as it unfolds. It shuts down that part of the brain that says well that couldn’t really happen, try it today or this weekend, set that as your intention, that you will suspend disbelief in the possibilities that your life holds, after all it is only you that waters down your dreams.

I also feel like there is something going on with time, which as we know is a manmade concept however the general belief in it creates something more seemingly tangible, however there is something happening this weekend where you may be able to collapse time and the past present and future will merge and appear as one, even if only for a moment. Keep your eyes, ears and spidey senses alert this weekend as something is shifting . I am seeing images of the lid coming off, the dome lifting as we get a glimpse of the eternity of all.

What did you dream of or wish for in the light of the new moon? By Monday this will be showing up in your life, welcome it without question and open arms, you have to believe just like a child believes in Christmas, the tooth fairy and their parents.

So are you ready to suspend disbelief, to blow the roof off your dreams and embrace it all, if you are then this may just be the weekend for you……welcome to the party people it is a magical mystery ride!

Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx

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