Creating a life you are Passionate about


so how do you create the life of your dreams.png

I bet like most people you want a happy purposeful life.
A life with no stress, worries and burdens.
To live debt free with an abundance of money allowing you to really live your life.
You probably want to work less and live more, more time for family and friends, longer holidays and leisure time.
You want to make an impact on your world, to give something in service of others. To be bold enough to stand up and say this is who I am.
To be free from illness, physical mental and emotional
To live surrounded by love and laughter

These are just some of things that most of us want and rightly so, it isn’t a matter of deserving it nor is it out of your reach, it is all yours to have if that’s what you choose.

I did it and I am living a consistently joyful and abundant life, so can you.


I committed myself to my own journey of self-discovery and development. I began looking within for the reasons my life was unhappy and this is what I discovered;

What we are aware about ourselves is just a glimpse of the whole. So much of who we are and what drives us is unconscious. Example 1
We can access our unconscious by following our conscious reactions.

We have a limiting and self- destructive mind-set. From the moment we are born we are told who are and what we can and cannot do. From parents, schools and the media mainly, Society and our environment influences us more than we realise.
We can dissolve this conditioning, so that we can see who we truly are rather than who we learned to be.

Our mind-set and belief system creates the world we experience.
Change your mind-set, change your world.

Our ego is not a bad thing it is to be balanced not destroyed.
Our ego is our source of creativity and personal identity but it is not designed to be in charge….that’s the hearts job. Imagine the most beautiful creative person you know, and then imagine what they would be like after a year of them being Prime Minister/President. This is the underlying cause of so much stress; we can balance the ego and let the heart take control.

We live in a duality paradigm, a world of opposites and just like a magnet with two opposing poles, you cannot have one without the other. Which means all emotional states exist within us, either consciously or unconsciously. If we are outwardly kind and caring the opposite must exist in our unconscious. Until we bring both sides into our conscious awareness and balance them conflict, obstacles and hardship will continue. Example 1
I have some great techniques to help you bring these opposite states into unity, when you are in Unity that is the world you create.

Move from your head to your heart to find Peace & Joy
Once I moved into my heart, everything fell into place. You heart has a connection to all things that the mind can only dream about.


As a result of my own journey and successes I have developed a programme to teach you the tools and techniques to deal with all of the issues I have already outlined.

I use a mixture of meditation and visualisations with some hard core pen and paper processing. It is a great balance of the objective and subjective, physical and the intangible.

It is an easy step by step process although it will take some hard work and commitment. You have to want to do this.

The rewards however are beyond what you could ever imagine and even whilst it’s happening and you know it’s happening you still can’t quite believe it.

When you bring yourself into balance in this way, you can easily and consistently create the life of your dreams. I did so you can too!

I have taken my Processing course Online and to launch this on the 4th May 2017 I am offering a massive 75% discount

You can find more details about my course on my website


Don’t miss out as this course will transform your life


love and laughter Michele xxxxx



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