April 23rd 2017 Energy Forecast



Good morning I hope you are well, so it’s all about the love at the moment, pure unconditional love energy is all around us. It increased in intensity earlier this week  and it is here to soothe and empower us. This love though is not the heady excitement of young love , this is pure stable and consistent Universal Love, the type that sinks into your bones rather than lights up your mind. It is not the type of love that makes you rush off at a tangent or do something on a whim this is a quiet yet strong and impactful love, it is balanced and unified. It is the love that speaks to your heart and draws out your truths.


This love soothes and heals, there have been many endings last year and the beginning of this year and we have more to come. Some endings you will hardly notice until weeks after and others will feel harsher but these are needed for us to be able to move forward into the next stage. Some of these endings will come in the form of loved ones passing, friendships ending, relationships breaking down and jobs being lost. These however are good things, no matter how distressing they may appear they are moving you forward to where you need to be. Don’t hold onto the past, have gratitude and love for the time together and let it go. Every relationship we have holds great value, even if it ends badly, focus on the lesson learned rather than the vehicle that got it here.


This love energy is empowering, helping you express yourself, indulge yourself and create pleasure for yourself and those around you. It is a time of great beauty and creativity.


Unconditional Love also brings with it a need for accountability, integrity & honesty and this is lacking in many people and it is important, really important. It’s time to stop lying to yourself, to stop justifying your actions or inactions, this creates funky energy and you will never create the life of your dreams. It is better to be honest with yourself and think you are not at that point the nicest person than it is to plaster a fake front over everything.


We need to ask ourselves the difficult questions and allow the answers, this is why Love is here for us, to help us in this process. It is time to get real. Having the perfect house, outfit, car, lifestyle does not reflect on who you are yet that is exactly what this paradigm creates. Facebook is full of the stylised selfie’s, the shots of us having lunch but being oh so stylish, that false projection of look at me I am such a badass, be honest and take that time to focus on being authentic, real, genuine.


Until you are honest with yourself and dig beneath the shiny laminated exterior you will not get off the merry-go-round of never quite getting there. You feel like you are as you can feel yourself moving but you are not moving forward you are going round and round and round, seeking out those that validate your position. Just because those around you share your ideals does not make them real. It’s a bit like those addicted to drugs like cocaine, they surround themselves with others that also partake because then it is ok, it is normal.


So you owe it to yourself and the time is great, you are totally supported with Love, to look squarely in the mirror and ask do I live an authentic life with integrity?


This is not easy and I am always here to help you when you are ready to face this! For me it is always a cause for celebration when someone is willing and has the courage to face their shadow side and I will be cheering you along.


Have a great day, pay attention to what comes up for and listen to your soul, it is crying out for you to be honest with yourself, act with integrity and drop the BS once and for all.


Love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


#aprilenergy #livewithhonesty #livewithintegrity #shadowwork #processing #balanceyourdarkside #beauthentic  #walkawayfromthefake #behonestbefree


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