April 22nd 2017 Energy Forecast



Good Morning I hope you are well, we are moving into a more fluid energy period, It feels more like water than fire, slowly and softly transforming. It is important for you at this time to discern the difference between this and avoidance or distraction.  It can often be easier to help others or throw yourself into work than do what you need to do for yourself. This is often unconscious so you have to be aware of the tricks of your ego to distract you from your path and therefore maintain the status quo.


It is also important to allow this slow and steady change and is it happening at a deep structural and foundation level. Slow and steady wins the race, if we rush forward with our minds, pushing things to happen then we will end up going down a blind alley and that is just a waste of our time.


So it is a delicate balance between ensuring that you are moving forward without pushing it. Being aware of when you are being distracted and need to be more focused but in a let it play out kind of way. This is why it is so important that you have time each day to be able to just be in your own energy; to allow any revelations or thoughts to come to you and the space to act on this. Action is nearly always required even if that action is tiny.


I also feel the energy of equanimity, one of my favourite energies, although saying that all balanced unity energy are out of this world beautiful. It is time for everyone to just calm down and shhhhh. It really does not have to be about drama, you have nothing to prove, being right doesn’t matter and neither do the judgements of others. You don’t need to control everything or anything and you are not the glue that holds everyone together, you are not responsible for the happiness of other or of others in general, if you were removed from this life today, it would keep on going, the void would be filled, so what are you doing sacrificing and distracting yourself for the sake of others?


When you say no the world doesn’t end and most people in your life would understand and just get on with it. Nobody in this life had to be a martyr or in service not at the detriment of themselves.


Feel into this beautiful energy of equanimity, it is the most common state I exist in and it is blissful.

I work with a lot of different people in a variety of ways, many in crisis so their energy can be dense. I could not do this if I did not meditate each morning on the beach and each evening, if I didn’t maintain my own energy system and look after all of my bodies. It is also why I regularly like to take time away with just the sea me and the dogs because when I am just me my energy reflects my state of equanimity and I can be like a feather on the breeze.


Often people will say to me you do so much for others but you must make sure you take time for you, Oh I do, that is how I can do what I do. I will never let my work or anything I do have a detrimental effect on me or my life, sometimes that may seem cold but I would last 5 minutes if I did. I am here for the long haul and I am here to walk with you, even if that is up a mountain. If you try and push me off a cliff or decide to repeatedly start from the beginning then I may explain to you that I need to leave now but as soon as you are ready to start walking again then I am happy to be by your side.


Well on that note I am off to the beach to meditate with my dogs, I am dog-sitting for a little 13 week old puppy at the moment called lily and I love how quickly she had got into the meditation and has assumed her position. When I meditate I have marley sat in front of me looking to the left, Rosco to left of me looking behind and lily to the right of me looking right and in front of me is the sea. It really is my most favourite place.


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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