April 21st 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you are well, a great deal went on Wednesday night and into Thursday morning that is going to have an impact on us over the next month or so. This is not a bad thing and I am still getting information on what happened but rest assured it will help, especially getting our ducks in a row. This happened on a galactic level and will take some time to filter through but I feel a great deal of love and hope. I am also seeing big icebergs breaking up but this is not about the environment as I am getting catastrophe averted so all good. Just know that there is going to come a time when we all have to make a choice, do we stay or do we go. Not in a stay or leave the planet kind of way but whether we choose to continue seeing the world as one of conflict strife drama and lack, honouring money and prestige above all else or whether we choose to see unity love and collaboration.

Just as there was a tipping point for conscious awareness, there will also be a point where you have to decide are you going to cling to the old or leap into the new. Do you want to continue wishing for something that will never be and being the victim or martyr because of this or are you ready to embrace joy and happiness. There will come a time when we need to make that choice, what will your decision be? Will fear stand in your way of the new? Will your need to control the outcome determine your fate?

The energy this morning reminds me of water but also fire, seemingly opposite or contradictory they can work together with amazing results, transforming and creating something new. I feel the energy ramping up a little as we head towards the weekend and it is time to stand in your power but also your truth, it is time to stand up and be counted to say this is who I am. You don’t need to be complete, have all the answers or even know the direction that you are going in but you need have at least a nugget of an idea who you are, to know that flame within. Everything else will take care of itself and fall into place once you recognise that flame and breathe life into it.

The energy at the moment is a mixed bag, just like this energy report, it feels empowered constructive and masculine and also soft nourishing encouraging and feminine. Don’t worry if you feel a little weird and contradictory, you will feel that a lot as you transcend duality into unity, it is normal and you will get used to it.

I feel everything is becoming more organised, there is a plan of sorts and we need to jump on board. Nobody will get left behind so don’t panic but your route there is your decision. You can continue to fight or ignore the new but you are just delaying things and creating more drama and strife for you….I am not sure why I keep using the word strife. I love how the information comes into me, sometimes I feel like a poet from the 18th century and today I feel a little Australian….which is always fabulous I love their vibe.

So don’t go into fear or panic and think that you are going to miss the boat or that time is running out and if you do process that. Please message me if you really are concerned or confused. This is a great thing and I can walk with you for a while until you get your bearings. It’s time to step up people and you will love it, once you get your head around the fact it is different to what you have known before.

So here is to a new way, a new experience, of leaving behind all that you struggle with and moving into Unity. To do this you have go within and find that flame as that is your key.

Have a great day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx

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