April 19th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope that you are well, the energy this morning is a little fussy, irritable and sensitive, so just be aware of this and don’t react to anyone this morning. If you find your irritation rising just walk away, it isn’t their fault and you don’t want to create something that really is just a passing annoyance. We often blow things up that we would hardly notice normally when we are sensitive in this way, so many booby traps in life that could be avoided if we had just held our tongue for a few minutes.


Get through this morning because by lunchtime the energy shifts quite dramatically and then it is all about the Love, so don’t miss it because you are in the middle of a meaningless argument or debate. This is an opportunity for you to choose love over; well it’s not hate, anger maybe. Or maybe love over the need to be right.


I feel this is another choice, another gateway, which fork in the road will you choose? To continue picking away at an issue like a dog with a bone just because you are right and someone else needs to see that, what exactly does being right achieve for you, how does it improve your life? It usually just brings conflict as often the person you are interacting with also needs to be right, so what do you have just a battle of the wills, who can shout the loudest or who has the most stamina to keep it going. Big Yawn, that is such a waste of time and effort.


Love on the other hand, Universal Love, is all about the flow, the lift and support, the creation. We use love energy to manifest. Love energy is like the most bountiful apple tree, producing luscious and juicy fruit, just hanging there for us to reach up and pluck so easily. Love really does make the world go round but maybe not the kind of love you think.


Pure unconditional universal love doesn’t want for anything, there is no agenda, no expectation, no need. No conditions have to be satisfied, there are no limits, it is inexhaustible and it is freely available to all, it just doesn’t feel the same as the love we are used to. The love we know the best is conditional, is often lust and usually based on the mutual satisfaction of need, this is very different from Universal Love that is a creation energy. I am not saying rejecting one for the other, no, but be aware of the difference.


I also feel the energy of balance coming in this afternoon and you will be shown ways to bring your life back into balance, I see that for many there is a tilt in your life, something that is off, that just needs to be righted, brought back into balance. It may be that you have thrown yourself into work, or maybe a new partner or maybe you are not focused on what you need to achieve and are distracting yourself, whatever it is be open to the messages you receive this afternoon. Balance is key.


There is also the need to balance the masculine and feminine within us, Yin and Yang is a condition of duality and this is moving into unity where there is more balance. As a woman we don’t just have a dot of masculine energy, it is half of us and vice versa for men. Masculine energy is not naturally aggressive just as feminine energy is not weak. Look at the things we go to the opposite sex for and see how we can bring that out in ourselves, we don’t “need” anyone to protect us nor comfort us, yes it it lovely when that happens however we need to know that we can provide that for ourselves first, that way we don’t “need” it in another. It is the need that sends everything a bit wonky and brings in the fear. I know many people that are so afraid to be alone, or shudder at the thought that they may never find that significant other. Desperation energy, created by the fear that your needs won’t be met, will only create desperate circumstances. When you know that you can do all of this for yourself you have no “need” and you can then choose to allow another to satisfy that in you, this is a completely different energy and is in fact empowering.


It is also liberating, when you stop looking to another to satisfy your needs and you truly understand that you can do this for yourself, your “need” disappears altogether, often with the path to enlightenment you wake up one morning to discover that you are no longer chasing what you thought was your dream and this allows you to just enjoy the moment.


To live a certain way because it is a choice rather than a need is blissful, so take some time this afternoon to feel into this energy, truly feel what unconditional love feels like, then reach up and grab it and use it to create something amazing.


It is time to let go, from whatever you have been holding on tightly to, just let go, step back and breathe and just keep breathing until you feel ready to look at it from a different perspective.


So once again we have a definite choice or gateway, are you ready to put down the drama, the need to be right and just need in general and choose Love, pure unconditional, creative Love, the choice is yours. This is free will in action.


Have a lovely day but remember to stay out of conflict until after lunch.


Love and laughter Michele xxxxxxxx


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