April 17th 2017 Energy Forecast

April 17th 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning Good Morning, today feels like an industrious day, a day to get started, to roll up your shirt sleeves and get stuck right in, day to make your mark, even if it is just drawing a line in the sand.


Today feels full of promise and support, what do you want to do ? What do you want? Hey I have an idea, why don’t you  write a list of things you want to create your dream life, not how or why and you don’t need to justify it, just let it flow, then send it to me and I will send you all a bit of guidance. So sit and think if I could wave a magic wand and I was living the life of my dreams what would it feel like, look like, where would you be etc. Don’t feel silly that you are dreaming too big or it’s a pipe dream, just get it out there and then send it to me….who knows where this may lead.


Anyway back to the awesome energy of today, this is definitely building towards mid- week, the energy is empowering but also no-nonsense by Wednesday you may find yourself in situations where you are left thinking, wow I didn’t expect that when I woke up this morning. These will be good events however watch your mindset, a negative mindset can find issues in any situation, fear also brings negativity, just remember that whatever is happening this is a good thing and one that you will be grateful for even if you don’t see it at the time. For most though you won’t miss the awesomeness, even if it is just a shift in attitude….I say even if, when attitude shifts are usually the most profound and far reaching.


I love attitude shifts, perspective changes and awakening, it takes but a second. I know so many worry about friends and family who seem so asleep and unaware, yet that really doesn’t matter, when you became more consciously aware and awake is irrelevant, what you did once you awakened is what matters. I have seen people suddenly open their eyes embrace their path and leap forward at an outstanding rate, moving faster than those that awakened 20 years ago. In my experience it is often those that were the most negative, afraid or closed minded and also men that seem to embrace the changes and run with it.


The changes that occur when you embrace your own self development and consciously walk your path affect all those around you, last week I had the daughter of a student say to me thank you so much you brought out the amazing mum we all saw but the rest of the world didn’t, she was beaming when she said this. This woman had such guts and determination to change, she had many a dark night but she went with it, embraced it with the courage of a hero and I applaud her for that and am so proud of her, it’s easy to skirt around the edges and say the right things to project the right persona but to really delve into your own darkness, well that really is the hardest thing you will ever do, yet so rewarding, she finally feels as though she has transformed into a butterfly……and that is what this energy is all about.


So it is time to face your evil twin in the mirror and find love, to slice through your dreams until you  find the pure centre and then create it.  This is why I am a catalyst, I cut through the BS without ceremony and shine a spotlight on the areas you need to be working on, your reaction to me is all part of your journey, whatever I trigger in you is where you need to start first.


So today feel that empowerment, feel the need to cut through the BS and really start living, make that commitment to yourself, send me your lists and I will feel into the energy of all of it and give you some pointers or direction.


You are not alone and even if you were, you can do this, this is your life, you are the architect so let’s create something awesome.


Have a wonderful day, I am here if you need clarification advice etc. and I am back. I have been helping an old friend for the last couple of weeks so have not really been here and with other friend commitments my time has been pretty torn but now I am back and my focus is you, my courses & retreats and helping you all reach your truest potential….let’s do this!


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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