April 16th 2017 Energy Forecast

April 16th 2017 Energy Forecast


Goodit's not personal Morning I hope you all slept well, this morning I feel the energy of Hope but this is on a human level, so I am not sure if something happened last night on the global stage or whether it is just our indomitable spirit that keeps hope in our heart and a lightness of step, whatever its reasons hope is a great energy to have in the collective. The connection amongst people feels strong loving and supportive.


This is great, we are feeling the connection to each other even if it is subtle or unconscious, we feel that draw to each other, to join and create, to collaborate and support, we really are mighty when working together. This isn’t about leaders or teachers, right or wrong, this is about Us, us ordinary normal folk, just being together, learning, growing, laughing, discovering. We are as necessary to each other as air.


The other energy I feel is August, which may seem odd after the last paragraph, as it kind of implies someone or something that is exalted and highly regarded, venerable. However this is not something to look for in another, this is within you, how you should regard yourself. Find those qualities that make you celebrated, what do you do that you would hold in high esteem. I suppose this energy is a bit like integrity but taken a step further a bit like how you would feel about yourself when you act with integrity.


Ah and this leads to honesty and integrity, the two most important energies but also states that you need to work on this year. In this journey of learning and discovery, honesty and integrity will open the doors to so much. Nothing really matters unless you are honest with yourself, before you are able to transcend duality you have to face the fact that you are going to have thoughts that are less than nice, these may in convert into action or they may not but they are there and they will motivate and influence you. This is ok as long as you are honest with yourself, otherwise you will go round and round in circles of self- deceit, missing every opportunity for growth.


Next week we have a big shift in energy coming and Wednesday is going to be interesting and maybe explosive for some. What is going on in your life that you may need to face? What have you been putting off. Don’t worry about this, it needs to be done and the universe will support you in this, if you keep it simple and keep it truthful. Check your expectations and your attachments to outcome and then just leap.


For today and tomorrow though really feel this connection that we all have, it is truly amazing and beautiful.


I will hopefully be recording a video about having empathic skills, which we all have, how you can manage and develop these skills without becoming a recluse or going crazy, I know it is something that a lot of people struggle with. This does not have to be the case.


Have a wonderful Sunday, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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