April 14th 2017 Energy Forecast

April 14th 2017 Energy Forecast

Sand grains from Maui, HawaiiMagnified 125x
Sand grains from Maui, Hawaii Magnified 125x  Grains of sand from a different perspective !


Good Morning and I hope you are well, sleep seems to be heavy and a little sticky at the moment, so don’t worry too much if you feel a little sluggish. Do something to waken up your energy, go for a walk or a run, sing or dance, do star jumps and spin, just shake it up a bit. We are all doing some processing and releasing in our sleep but we then need to shake it out of our energy.


There is a lot of anger disappointment and frustration around, being generated on a human level and some of it may be directed at you, bring yourself back to your core energy and know that this isn’t you, this isn’t your energy and step out of it.


You may have been feeling a little anxious over the last few days and this is going to continue and at times increase, so it is important that you learn some techniques about protecting yourself from others energy but also learning what is your energy. I am sure I posted a video about this on our time line. That is the problems with feelings of anxiety, they could be fear based and triggered by an issue that needs releasing in you, they could be that your intuition and psychic abilities are forewarning you of something coming up, it maybe your ego trying to maintain the status quo and stop you from changing or it maybe someone is annoyed with you and negative energy is coming from them to you. Confusing right? But that is why it is so important to get into the habit of asking the questions and knowing your own energy.


We also have a strong undercurrent of achievement and success, Plans that are being made, dreams that are being followed will be met with abundance and success. It is time to put yourself out there and just be who you are. I have never met anyone yet that had nothing to give, that didn’t have that inner spark that made them glow or that had the most amazing heart. Everyone deep down wants to be the good guy but so much can get lost in translation.


Nobody is bad or useless, everyone is like the acorn, full of potential to become the mighty oak. You are not less worthy  than anyone, nor are you misguided or indulgent. You are amazing , you have a inextinguishable spirit, you have an infinite capacity for kindness and generosity. You have a connection to all things and your current awareness is just the beginning.


I think I have said to you before I spend a lot of time with my dogs in nature, alone, although to be fair I have not be alone for a decade or so. I feel my intimate connection to all things, all the time. I know what is coming and what is passing, I know what you are thinking and feeling, I am you, just as I am the gull that glides overhead, I can see through their eyes and yours. I experience myself as the unique individual that I am but also as part of it all. I stopped searching and began experiencing and that is where the miracles are.


There is a whole new world out there for you to experience but you need to drop the expectations and belief that everything is still the same. Understand that the changes in you are happening all around the world because the fabric of this world had fundamentally changed and it is an intricate connection, we change the fabric the fabric changes us and vice versa.


To get your head round this, imagine if you woke up tomorrow and the whole world spoke French. You could continue to speak English or Spanish but you wouldn’t flourish here or you can accept that it just is and learn French.


So much of what I say may seem just words but when you experience it for yourself that is when you get it….which is why my students and clients often say, I just can’t believe it, well I can of course I can but at the same time I can’t, it so freakin amazing.


Turn theory into experience and let the world open up to you.


Have a wonderful day and please always feel free to contact me with any questions, I am an amazing resource for you, use it!


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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