April 12th 2017th Energy Forecast

April 12th 2017th  Energy Forecast

look within

Good Morning and how are you? What a wonderful full moon we are slowly leaving, the energy has shifted a little in the night and brought with it another high intensity energy, a passionate sexual energy. Now this doesn’t just have to be directed in a sexual direction but it is motivating and can push you into making great changes. Also it Is good to connect with another this way and get your Kundalini rising.


The energy is a mixed bag of healing, creation and something else I can’t quite put my finger on , I keep getting the word multi-directional but it comes without context. Maybe it is time for us to look at many areas in our lives and see if we can kill two birds with one stone. There is a feeling that everything is coming together. I have had an amazing fortnight of flow, I have been a positive player in another person’s journey but I don’t know how but I also feel this is important for me and my jigsaw. When we give of ourselves freely with no expectation or attachment, the universe will create balance, as you give so shall you receive but often in the most surprising ways and without time limits. That is the beautiful and intricate dance of us and the universe. Once you drop the expectation, the attachment, the need and often the manipulation, then real miracles happen.


To give, to love and to receive without condition is a beautiful act in deed, it is high vibrational and I cannot even describe in words how it feels because it feels so normal and natural and there really can be no other way. To get to this place you need to look at your shadow side, the part of you that has to get its needs met, this is what motivates our actions unconsciously, even though consciously we justify our actions as wanting to help. It is that honesty and discovering that part of ourselves that hurts the most yet if you push on it is the most liberating. It also ends disappointment, rejection and frustration, if you don’t expect anything, then you won’t be disappointed if you don’t get it. If you don’t expect anything from someone then you won’t feel rejected when you don’t get it.


You may feel a little up and down with this energy and it is going to last until Friday so just be aware of this and know that it will pass, so just go with the flow. Take your cues and the signs from the universe and follow the breadcrumbs. I am back in a wi fi area so will be more responsive if you have any questions.


Don’t struggle alone, I am only a message away, I have been there and done that and come out the other side to live a life of bliss and harmony, I am not special or unique I just walked the path less travelled and have some amazing stories to tell, insights to share and techniques to teach you. You are never alone and you know way more than you think you do.


Have a wonderful day love and laughter Michele xxxxxxxx


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